Coiled tubing

Coiled tubing is the fastest growing segment of the well service industry, providing a different methodology to drill for oil.  Coiled tubing utilizes a hydraulic system to coil the tubing, often on a tandem system with two trailers side by side. Stucchi provides hydraulic solutions for coil tubing processes that save time, reduce downtime, eliminate crossing of lines, and allow for efficiency in changing hydraulics from one trailer to another. We offer leak-free flat-face quick couplers and multi-coupling plates with specialized hydraulic solutions for coiled tubing units.

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Coiled tubing revolutionizes oil extraction, bypassing the need for large drilling rigs. At the core of this innovative process lies hydraulics, powering truck or trailer-mounted coiled tubing units.

Hydraulics is at the Core of Coiled Tubing Units

Stucchi offers reliable hydraulic solutions, ensuring efficient and safe operations through quick coupling connections. The coiled tubing technology, initially designed for well intervention, encompasses various operations like pressure pumping, milling, and stimulation.

Hydraulic quick-release couplings play a pivotal role in connecting and disconnecting components such as the power pack, injector head, and tubing reel. This closed system enables fluid circulation, breaking down porous deposits to extract oil efficiently, especially in processes like fracking.

Maintain Hydraulics in Coiled Tubing

Maintaining hydraulic system reliability is paramount during the coiled tubing process. Strict safety measures are adhered to as the injector head, powered by hydraulics, maneuvers tubing into active wells under extreme pressure. Stucchi’s hydraulic solutions address the critical need for dependable connections, ensuring the success of coiled tubing applications.

The heart of the coiled tubing process is the injector, delivering the force to move steel tubing in and out of wells. Hydraulic motors, chains, and gripper blocks work in tandem to grip and drive the tubing, with Stucchi’s quick couplings providing leak-free, industry-standard connections. Multi-coupling plates enhance efficiency by allowing quick simultaneous connections and disconnections of multiple lines.

Learn more about how to Improve Hydraulic Performance in Coiled Tubing, and contact us for custom hydraulic solutions.

Stucchi’s hydraulic solutions meet the demanding requirements of the coiled tubing industry, offering over 60 years of experience and expertise. Improve efficiency, eliminate downtime, and enhance safety by choosing Stucchi for your coiled tubing hydraulic quick coupler products. Contact us now to elevate your coiled tubing process with reliable hydraulic fluid power.