Quick Coupling Multi-Plate Solutions

Stucchi is a leading global supplier of quick coupling solutions, such as for applications and situation where multi-coupling plates are required. Stucchi is recognized for developing, manufacturing and distributing reliable quick disconnect products for more than 50 years. We offer vast experience in fluid connection and control solutions with forward thinking, innovative solutions with quick coupler products. We are known for exceptional analysis and design capabilities, providing problem solving skills that contribute to your process improvement.

Stucchi is recognized nationally and internationally for high-quality quick release products, delivered on-time at the lowest cost available. Our vast global resources allow for quick turnaround time with personal attention and excellent customer service. We offer a wide selection of standard quick coupler plates, multi-coupling plates, and series couplers that meet critical customer specifications and offer custom designed solutions when you are faced with challenging configurations and application requirements.

Quick Coupling with Stucchi Multi-coupling Plates

The multi-coupling plate is designed for the simultaneous couple and uncouple of two to four hydraulic and/or electrical lines with a single, simple movement requiring very little force. Improve productivity and efficiency with the single motion connection of multiple hydraulic couplings mounted in our series of quick coupling plates. Stucchi provides quicker and easier multi-coupling connections that reduce downtime between production runs anywhere electrical circuits, pneumatic, oil or water is connected on machinery and test bench equipment.

Our quick multi-coupling plates are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, performance and safety, and include the following product series:

Quick coupling products by Stucchi provide simultaneous couple and uncouple solutions of multiple electrical or hydraulic lines with a simple, single movement that requires minimal force. Our quick coupler plates and couplings assist several applications and processes that require leak free connections of multiple couplings found in several applications including construction, drilling, and mining machinery and equipment, tool changes in injection molding and refrigeration equipment.

Stucchi offers exceptional customer service, providing quick connect solutions that meet your specifications with high quality components for long lasting performance.

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Stucchi offers high quality quick connect products that meet and exceed customer specifications with forward thinking, innovative connection solutions. We are recognized as a leading global supplier of connect/disconnect solutions with quick response to your needs and on time delivery. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer about our superior connection solutions including the quick coupling.