Quick Release Coupling Solutions

quick release coupling
Oil & Gas

Stucchi offers quick release coupling solutions for safe and efficient quick connect and disconnect in hydraulic applications across a multitude of industries. We design, engineer and manufacture hydraulic quick couplers in various materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and brass with finish options such as nickel plating, zinc plating and QPQ plating. We offer a wide selection of high quality quick release couplings and assistance in choosing the right quick coupler for your application.

Stucchi has been providing hydraulic quick connect and quick release solutions for nearly 60 years, offering first to market, robust quick couplers which outperform comparable products. Our skilled engineers offer technical expertise in process analysis to recommend the right coupler for your application and any necessary custom designed connection solutions. We partner with you to provide the right quick coupler solution for your unique specifications.

Our hydraulic quick release coupling solutions provide many benefits including:

  • Increased equipment uptime
  • Elimination of unplanned machine downtime
  • Leak free performance
  • Protection against environmental contamination
  • Solutions for replacing legacy couplers
  • Safe quick connect and disconnect under pressure
  • Significant improvements to safety and efficiency with multi-coupling plates
  • Improved operations for increased profitability

Stucchi is recognized as a leading hydraulic quick coupling specialist, offering quick connect solutions which deliver these benefits and many others to a multitude of industrial applications.

Industrial Quick Release Coupling Solutions

Stucchi’s hydraulic quick release couplings can be found worldwide across a multitude of industrial applications such as:

Agricultural equipment – tractors, skid steer equipment and agricultural machinery and equipment experience increased productivity and leak free performance with Stucchi’s quick coupling solutions. Keep your equipment in the field while protecting the environment with leak free connections which stand up to rugged terrain.

Oil and gas – oil and gas applications such as drilling for oil or extracting natural gas require reliable connections to prevent catastrophic failures. Stucchi’s quick release couplings provide leak free performance under pressure to protect workers and the environment. Our hydraulic couplers are proven in many oil and gas applications to meet demanding, pressurized requirements with leak free connections.

Mobile equipment – reliable quick connect fittings are important to keep your equipment on the road and operational. Quick couplers must meet the demands of rigorous terrain with protection against early wear and tear. Stucchi delivers reliable connection solutions to keep your equipment operational with leak-free connections to any mobile equipment process.

Industrial – industrial manufacturing operations rely upon their machinery and equipment to perform as expected, often not considering the hydraulic quick couplers until failure occurs. Prevent unplanned shutdowns and meet productivity goals with reliable and durable quick release couplings. Stucchi offers process analysis to select the right quick couplers for your process, replacement couplers for legacy equipment and custom designed quick coupler solutions.

Stucchi provides the quick connect and disconnect solutions to meet the demands of these industries and many others.

Hydraulic Coupling Applications

Stucchi offers a wide selection of hydraulic quick release couplings to meet demanding and rigorous applications. Our product line includes:

  • Flat face couplers
  • Threaded flat face couplings
  • High pressure couplers
  • Poppet interchange couplers
  • Threaded poppet couplers
  • Multi-coupling plates
  • Custom coupling solutions
  • Accessories, dust caps repair kits
  • Replacement couplers

We excel in providing forward thinking, problem solving solutions when faced with challenging configurations. You can have confidence in our more than five decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of hydraulic quick connect applications. Stucchi is your competent partner with answers for all your hydraulic connection needs and proven quick release coupling solutions.

Stucchi is recognized as a leading supplier of proven hydraulic quick coupler products found in a myriad of applications worldwide. We partner with you to provide experienced process analysis and connection solutions which improve safety and efficiency. Contact us to learn more about our proven case studies and for assistance in selecting the right quick release coupling.