Steel production is an industry that has relied profusely on the power of hydraulics through every aspect of steel manufacturing. Hydraulic fluid power is so prolific in a steel mill a plant can have hundreds of hydraulic power units. Steel making requires the usage of components that can withstand the severe application of high, intense heat, pressure, and force required to process steel. Mono and multi-couplings support docking pouring ladles, rolling stands and temperature ranges from annealing furnaces to cold roll finishing. Stucchi supports the steel industry with heavy-duty quick couplings and multi-coupling plate solutions for hydraulic fluid power, pneumatic lines and other media systems.

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hydraulic couplers for steel industry

Stucchi offers reliable hydraulic coupling products and solutions to the steel industry, an application that has relied predominantly upon hydraulic power since the inception of the steel mill. Stucchi offers flat face and threaded, flat face durable hydraulic couplings and multi-coupling plates for quick connection solutions for hydraulic and pneumatic lines and other media systems.

Hydraulics Provides Power, Precision, and Take the Heat

Hydraulic usage is abundant in the steel industry and continues to provide steel mills with the modernization needed for complicated applications. Hydraulic power has always been renowned for exceptional durability under extreme conditions, providing steel mills with the force needed to produce steel in an intensely high-heat environment.

PTFE Sealing Technology For Steel Industry Quick Couplers

The heat and force utilized in steelmaking can be a dangerous environment which is why specialized, nonflammable hydraulic fluids must be used. Only fluid under pressure could provide the force required for steelmaking, although just a pinhole in a hydraulic line in a steel mill could quickly turn into a flamethrower. Glycol fluids are typically used and require quick connect sealing technology compatible with water-based fluids and high temperatures. Stucchi offers quick couplings with PTFE seals to meet the needs of hydraulic quick couplers used in the steel industry.

Hydraulics in Steelmaking Tolerate the Heat

Producing steel is a process that requires intensely high heat from the coke ovens to the blast furnace to the pouring of hot melted iron ore and the conversion process to steel, the heat is intense, and only hydraulic fluid power can satisfy these production requirements. A coke oven utilizes hundreds of hydraulic cylinders to process coal with intense ambient heat at the coke pusher cars and doors.

Heavy Duty Hydraulics Transform Pig Iron to Steel

Mixing the coke with iron ore in a blast furnace, melting the ore, and producing pig iron is a heavy-duty process that relies upon hydraulic power. Modern steel mills transfer the molten iron for immediate use with a ladle to pig casting machines, creating slabs of steel as iron is exposed to pure oxygen.

Mono and multi-coupling plates provide reliable connections for docking pouring ladles, steel slab casting lines, rolling stands, and bell-type annealing furnaces. Hydraulic cylinders are the workhorse in the steel industry, designed to produce the force to squeeze metal with reliability and easy maintenance.

Hydraulic Power Provides Precision For Steelmaking

Transforming slabs of steel into coiled sheets and then processing them into finished products for use in industries such as construction, appliance, and automotive requires high power coupled with precision. Finishing steel requires several processes such as pickling to remove contaminants and galvanizing to provide rust resistance. Uncoiling steel, processing, and recoiling relies intensively on hydraulic power and precision.

Stucchi Solutions for Hydraulic Power in the Steel Industry

Stucchi offers flat face and threaded flat face hydraulic quick couplers that provide reliable connections with leak-free seals in heavy-duty applications such as the steel industry. No leak performance is critical in the steel industry to protect workers in such an intense environment. Stucchi’s design of the flat face quick coupler set the standard for ISO16028, with no fluid loss during quick connect or disconnect even under trapped or residual pressure.

Our multi-coupling plates provide quick-connect solutions for multiple lines at once with one simple movement. Multi-coupling plates eliminate error by removing any chance of cross connection or inversion of lines. Easily connect and disconnect multiple lines at once, even different media such as hydraulic, pneumatic, water, or electrical lines.

Stucchi is a leading global supplier of hydraulic quick couplers and quick coupling product solutions to a wide range of industries and applications. With more than 60 years of experience, our hydraulic specialists provide expert troubleshooting, custom-designed hydraulic solutions, and in-depth market expertise. Contact us with any questions and to find the best, heavy-duty, reliable, hydraulic quick connect products for use in the steel industry.