The APM Series Flat Face Couplings are state-of-the-art solutions for high residual pressure. They address residual pressure in a circuit anywhere thermal expansion of trapped fluid causes pressure to develop, and connect by hand with residual pressure, without releasing any fluid into the environment. The APM is intended to relieve pressure within itself only.

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  • Size range: 3/8” thru 1 1/2”
  • Port options: NPT, SAE, JIC, ORFS, BSP
  • Interchanges with ISO 16028
  • Relieves pressure within itself only
  • Connect/disconnect up to 30 MPa/4350 psi residual pressure
  • Connect under high pressure, by hand
  • Flat face design eliminates leakage and contamination in the circuit
  • Male body black zinc plated for identification
  • Mobile equipment and attachment tools, where sun exposure/temperature change causes pressure due to thermal expansion of trapped fluid
  • Any application where static pressure can get locked into the system

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Download: ISO 16028 Chart

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