The VEPHDL Series Heavy-Duty Locking Flat Face Coupler is the ultimate failsafe solution for the most demanding hydraulic applications. This locking female version is interchangeable with standard VEPHD series flat face thread-to-connect heavy duty couplers and features a visual connection indicator for foolproof connection, every time.

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  • Size range: 3/4” thru 1 1/4”
  • Port options: NPT, SAE, Code 62 Flange Ports
  • Interchanges with VEPHD, VEP
  • Connect/disconnect up to 25 MPa/3625 psi residual pressure
  • Working pressure: 40-50 MPa/5800-7975 psi range
  • Locking heavy duty series with visual connection indicator
  • Failsafe leak-free connection
  • Most demanding hydraulic applications: high pressure, high impulse
  • Heavy duty applications where vibrations and torsion are present
  • Mobile excavation and construction: backhoes, loaders, excavators
  • Anywhere failsafe connection is critical

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