Hydraulic Quick Couplers for Applications Requiring 10,000 PSI Working Pressure

Stucchi has over 50 years of experience leading the industry with high performing hydraulic quick couplers under pressure, delivering connection solutions to OEMs worldwide. We are recognized for our forward-thinking problem solving with innovative, first-to-market quick couplers and disconnect solutions. Stucchi provides leak free, quick connect solutions that enhance performance across a multitude of industrial applications worldwide.

We are committed to delivering innovative connection solutions, combining research and development with our decades of experience to produce durable, versatile, high-performance couplers and disconnect products. We use only the highest in quality material, giving you confidence in the ability to perform under pressure. Stucchi understands the importance of reliable performance in high pressure, critical applications.

Hydraulic Quick Couplers Under Pressure

Stucchi provides reliable hydraulic quick couplers under pressure, with solutions for applications requiring 10,000 PSI working pressure. Stucchi’s high-pressure couplers include thread-to-connect design with hardened steel offering high burst pressure, and flat faced couplers for a simple yet effective patented solution providing leak free, high pressure solutions.

Our solutions for hydraulic quick couplers under pressure include:

Our thread-to-connect series coupler provides safety under pressure in hydraulic wrenches, emergency cutting tools and construction equipment. Our flat face high-pressure couplers offer simple yet effective connection systems for leak-free applications with our automatic rotating and locking patented safety system, preventing accidental disconnection.

Stucchi is recognized for delivering industry leading connection solutions that meet and exceed your specifications, providing durable and reliable performance in demanding, critical applications under high pressure. We offer decades of expertise in providing safe and effective quick connect and disconnect solutions that reduce downtime, prevent shutdowns, and eliminate contamination.

Our connection solutions improve efficiency and increase safety with durable, versatile and reliable hydraulic quick couplers under high pressure in critical applications. Stucchi provides reliable hydraulic quick couplers under pressure, ideal in industrial machinery, mobile construction and hydraulic wrenches and tools.

Stucchi is recognized for providing connection solutions across a multitude of industrial applications where leak-free, reliable quick connect and disconnect processes are required. We support OEMs worldwide in critical applications with customized design and ongoing technical support. Contact us today to speak with an engineer about our solutions with hydraulic quick couplers under pressure.


    The IVHP Thread-To-Connect High Pressure Series Coupler features a threaded sleeve for connection/disconnection. Fabricated with hardened steel and nitrile seals, it offers higher burst pressure than competitors.

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    The A-HP Flat Face High Pressure Series Coupler offers a simple yet highly effective, patented safety system to prevent accidental disconnection, making it the solution for high pressure leak-free applications. This patented sleeve system automatically rotates the sleeve when connected, engaging the safety lock mechanism. To disconnect: the coupler sleeve must be turned and aligned between the release notch and locking pin.

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