Hydraulic Quick Coupler Solutions by Stucchi

Stucchi is a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic quick coupler products, providing reliable quick disconnect solutions since 1960. Our forward-thinking design capabilities combined with vast expertise in engineering and fabrication allow us to deliver the highest of quality in quick release products. Stucchi provides experienced and ongoing technical support as we are committed to your process improvement through innovative and first to market quick coupler products. We are recognized nationally and internationally for our exceptional problem-solving engineering and delivering the best in design and production of connection and fluid control products.

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Stucchi Provides Standard and Custom Hydraulic Quick Coupler Products

Stucchi begins with an in-depth analysis of your process, partnering with you to design the best hydraulic quick coupler products for your application. With our vast global resources, you can count on our prompt response and delivery to fulfill your demanding industrial needs.

In addition to our standard product line, our decades of experience in design and engineering allow us to provide custom solutions which address your unique requirements when you are faced with challenging or non-standard configurations. Stucchi provides custom solutions for your hydraulics machinery and equipment, stainless steel requirements and automation with multi-coupling systems.

Custom Solutions

Hydraulic Quick Coupler Solutions for Any Industry

Stucchi offers a wealth of engineering expertise to provide solutions for your specific industrial application, custom designed to meet your specifications. Industries we serve include mobile operations such as heavy equipment on the road that requires an immediate solution. Mobile operations rely on our heavy duty quick couplers and multi-coupling plates for quick change versatility with rugged, leak-free connectors. The oil and gas industry utilize our high-pressure connection couplers to meet the rigorous demands of drilling and extracting oil and natural gas while protecting their employees and preventing catastrophic failure.

Industrial processes require quick connect, leak free couplers and multi-coupling plates to meet manufacturing demands, and agricultural operations benefit from our rugged quick couplers which hold up to the harsh outdoor environment, providing reliable and leak free quick-change versatility.

No matter the industry, Stucchi delivers the optimum quick coupler products for your environment and application. You can have confidence in our decades of experience to provide the best hydraulic quick coupler and connector products that meet your industry’s demands. Our design and engineering services are second to none, providing custom solutions to any industrial requirement.

Oil & Gas

Stucchi has more than 60 years of experience in meeting the demands for high quality fluid connection and control products with innovative product solutions that meet customer specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our superior product line from the leading manufacturer of the hydraulic quick coupler.




Decades of Experience

No matter what your industry or application, we are ready to put our efficiency, environmental, and productivity expertise to work for you.

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