Custom Solutions

Sometimes, you need a solution that is a little outside the box. When you are faced with a unique situation involving a non-standard configuration, an unusual end-use application, or other challenges, we have the custom solutions to meet your needs and keep you working.


custom hydraulics 1Custom Solutions

  • Panel mounting on machine frames
  • Connection between power pack and sawing/drilling heads
  • Machines for hose formation
  • Multi-coupling connections
  • Connection from the machine to the attachment
  • Hydraulic microcircuits
  • Connection of hydraulic tools
  • Connection of the mold and the machine in isostatic molds


  • Molding machines
  • Molding presses
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Earth moving machines
  • Agricultural machines

Stainless Steel

custom stainless steelCustom Solutions

  • Hydraulic devices on shipyards machinery
  • Off-shore machinery
  • Cooling system of machine tool rubber molding
  • Multi-coupling systems
  • Connection of lines containing aggressive fluids


  • Chemical
  • Off-shore and shipyards
  • Industrial plants

Automation & Multi-Coupling

custom automation and multi coupling6390059f610e46cdb66e9278d1c6c0c3Custom Solutions

  • Multi-coupler systems on rolling mill process, cooling system, hydraulic system, greasing system
  • Multi-coupling systems, manual mono coupler
  • Multi-coupling systems and connections served by machines, cooling system of hydraulic presses
  • Multi-coupling systems for steam systems
  • Multi-coupling systems and connections served by machines on injection molding
  • Part of machinery piloted automatically
  • Machines parts or multicoupling systems automatically operated


  • Agricultural machines
  • Automation
  • Industrial plants
  • Molding machines
  • Molding presses
  • Machines tools