A variety of hydraulic powered hand tools are designed specifically for railroad maintenance to perform heavy duty track work with manageable tools that improve safety and efficiency for rail maintenance workers. Stucchi offers numerous couplers with BNSF Railroad approval and high-pressure connection capabilities to meet demanding rail work requirements.

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The railroad industry is faced with the critical task of keeping the network of rails and signaling communication systems working properly, safely, and without delay. Communities across the country rely on goods delivered via America’s railways such as important medical supplies, food items, automobiles and more.

Hydraulic Solutions for Hand Tools, Railway Excavators and Cranes

Hydraulic power plays a big role in servicing America’s railways in a few different ways with hydraulic powered hand tools, excavators and attachments, and large equipment such as cranes. Hydraulic tools and equipment used in railway maintenance help to prevent train delays and improve rail worker safety. Stucchi supports railway maintenance with hydraulic quick couplers and multi-plates proven in the railroad industry.

Hydraulic Hand Tools for Railway Maintenance

Hydraulic hand tools allow railway maintenance workers the ability to service remote sections of track for needed maintenance or repairs quickly, with smaller, transportable tools. Hydraulic tools reduce physical stress on railway operators for safe and efficient maintenance, although operators often experience difficulty connecting under pressure due to thermal expansion along, trapped or residual pressure in the hydraulic lines. This can happen even in cold weather when tools are transported in a truck, exposed to sunlight or heat.

Stucchi offers hydraulic quick couplers that connect easily under trapped or residual pressure or pressure due to thermal expansion. Our quick couplers are approved by BNSF Railroad for hydraulic hand tools and provide easy quick connect under pressure with no leak performance. BNSF Railroad has played a vital role in building and sustaining America’s economy for more than 170 years.

Some popular flat face couplers for railway hydraulic hand tools include:

APM Flat Face Series – easy to connect under residual pressure from thermal expansion.

FIRG Series – integrated sealing mechanism reduces premature wear caused by impulse pressure and heavy hoses and tubing when the coupling is in horizontal position.

Contact Stucchi’s hydraulic specialist for the best quick connect solution for your railway hydraulic tools. We provide hydraulic solutions that improve efficient maintenance, repairs, and installation while increasing safety with quicker and easier connection in railway hydraulic hand tools.

Excavator and Attachments for Railway Maintenance

Servicing and maintaining America’s railways requires heavier tools and equipment such as an excavator and attachments to lay new rails and perform other heavy duty railway work. Excavators and attachments are used to service the railway industry in many ways such as:

  • To create a level track bed
  • To excavate and move soil
  • Snow removal from tracks
  • Tamping
  • Mulching
  • Ballasting
  • Ramming
  • Installing new rails

Stucchi offers heavy duty auxiliary quick couplers that hold up to rigorous excavator applications for the railroad industry.

The VEPHDL Series provides quick coupling solutions to many heavy-duty excavator applications including railway maintenance.

Hydraulic Solutions for Railway Cranes

A variety of types of cranes are used to service the railway industry in North America, such as crawler track mounted cranes, lattice boom or telescopic boom cranes. Cranes are used for three primary purposes in the railway industry:

  • To handle freight in yards
  • Railway maintenance
  • Derailment and accident recovery work

Although the type of work may vary, the configuration of all cranes is the same with a rotating body mounted on a sturdy chassis with flanged wheels. Quick set up of cranes is important when servicing railways, repairing tracks and for derailment recovery.

Stucchi offers hydraulic quick couplers and multi-coupling plates that significantly improve crane set up and assembly time for quicker operation. Our multi-coupling plates for railway cranes improve crane assembly to cab with:

  • Quick and easy connection and disconnection of multiple lines at once
  • Elimination of cross connection of lines
  • Easy connect under pressure


The wide variety of hydraulic tools, machinery and equipment used to service America’s railways demands hydraulic components such as quick couplers and adapters that you can rely on without fail.

Stucchi has been providing innovative hydraulic solutions for more than 60 years with quick connect products that improve safety, efficiency, and reliability. Contact Stucchi to learn more about our many hydraulic quick connect solutions for hydraulic railway hand tools, excavators, and cranes.