The BM3 Series of Multi-Coupling Plates allows the simultaneous couple and uncouple of two large diameter hydraulic lines with a single, simple movement requiring very little force. The system eliminates crossing of lines, reducing downtime and insuring couplers are fully connected. The auto-locking system insures that lines are connected safely and provides secondary retention of the connection.

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  • Size range: 1 1/2”
  • Port options: NPT, SAE
  • Connect/disconnect up to 25 MPa/300 bar/3625 psi residual pressure
  • Working pressure: 35 MPa/5000 psi
  • Simple to use, with single motion connection
  • Auto-lock design prevents accidental disconnection
  • Max. of 2 lines: (1 pressure, 1 return): 1 1/2”
  • Any application requiring large diameter leak-free connections with or without residual pressure of multiple couplings
  • Mobile equipment, mining, drilling

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