Stucchi offers hydraulic quick coupling solutions for agricultural equipment such as tractors, forestry equipment, mini-excavators and skid loaders that support the quick change of various attachments with leak-free performance. Working the land has dual demands – protecting the environment while being exposed to its rigors at the same time. The proper quick couplers and multi-coupling plates save time, prevent harmful leaks, and keep you working with quick-change versatility and leak-free environmental protection.

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Agricultural and earthmoving machinery and equipment require durable hydraulic quick couplers that hold up in harsh environmental conditions with leak-free performance.

Agricultural Hydraulic Couplers Must Be Durable and Leak-free

hydraulic quick couplers for ag equipment

Agricultural equipment is exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, rough terrain, dirt, debris, and vibration that can cause premature wear and tear on hydraulic couplings. Pressure due to thermal expansion in high heat, outdoor applications can make it difficult for operators to quickly perform attachment changeovers.

Ag equipment utilizes a variety of attachments such as augurs, brush mowers, buckets, grapples, stump grinders, tillers, spreaders, mulching heads, and dozens more implements to perform a multitude of agricultural processes. Frequent changeovers of attachments provide the potential to create hydraulic fluid leaks.

Ag equipment such as tractors, skid loaders, and mini excavators perform a number of outdoor tasks in the dirt, mud, and messy conditions, and quick couplers must perform as expected without leaking fluid into the environment. Stucchi’s hydraulic quick couplers for the ag industry protect equipment and the environment with leak-free quick connect and disconnect, proven in the most demanding of applications.

Stucchi Quick Couplers for Agricultural Equipment

Durable and reliable hydraulic quick couplers that support both standard flow and high flow operations are critical to providing optimum machinery performance, environmental protection, and worker safety. Stucchi offers hydraulic quick couplers and multi-coupling plates you can rely on for leak-free performance and quick change versatility.

Some of our most popular quick couplers for agricultural applications include flat face couplers designed for leak-free performance:

  • A-HD Series – flat face couplers that connect easily by hand without any fluid leaks and circuits with residual, thermal or trapped pressure.
  • APM Series – designed to relieve pressure within itself, the APM provides a state-of-the-art solution with easy connection by hand in circuits with residual pressure.
  • A-ZN Series – designed to exceed the ISO salt spray test with specialized plating for high corrosion resistance.

Stucchi’s flat-face coupling design set the ISO 16028 industry standard, engineered to provide safe and rapid coupling and decoupling. Our flat-face coupler design protects against contamination with long-lasting durability in a variety of operating conditions. Explore more quick couplers for agricultural processes and contact us with any questions on choosing the best ag quick couplings for your process.

Stucchi’s multi-coupling plates significantly improve many agricultural and land-moving processes with simultaneous coupling and uncoupling of multiple lines at once. Our multiplate solutions for ag processes include:

  • DP Series multiplate – quick connect 2, 4, or 6 lines at once with one simple, single movement requiring little force.
  • GR Series multiplate – simultaneously couple and uncouple up to 10 hydraulic and/or electrical lines with one simple, single movement requiring little force.

Our multi-coupling plates provide significant improvement to agricultural equipment uptime with reliable, leak-free connections.

Stucchi’s Saturn block is a direct field replacement for many skid steer hydraulic circuits to increase flow and reduce temperature.

Stucchi has been a leader in providing hydraulic solutions for agricultural equipment for more than 60 years. We are often contacted by equipment operators for assistance when performing heavy-duty, high-flow applications on ag equipment such as mini excavators, skid steer equipment, or compact track loaders (CTLs). We offer solutions for converting your equipment from standard flow to high flow to prevent equipment overheating and improve machinery uptime and safety.

Download our FREE Guide to Mulching and Hydraulics to learn how Stucchi’s custom auxiliary kits address your biggest challenges with brand-specific solutions.

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Learn more about how to prevent skid steer overheating or prevent mini excavator overheating with high-flow, auxiliary hydraulic solutions.

Stucchi offers high-quality quick-connect couplers for agricultural equipment that resist early wear and tear and prevent unintended downtime. Our ag equipment hydraulic solutions provide quick change versatility to keep your equipment in the field with leak-free performance. Contact us to learn more about choosing the best hydraulic quick-connect couplers for agricultural machinery and equipment.