Flat Face Couplers

Specifically designed for applications needing no-leak performance. With mating faces that are easily cleaned before connecting, flat face couplers are the ideal solution for limiting contamination in a hydraulic circuit.

Leading Flat Face Couplers Manufacturer

Stucchi is recognized as a leading producer of flat face couplers, providing high quality, durable quick connect solutions to a variety of industries. We employ forward thinking problem-solving skills with vast experience in engineering and fabrication of high quality quick release products. We have more than 50 years of experience providing connection and fluid control products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Stucchi is known nationally and internationally for our exceptional problem-solving analysis, expertise in engineering and fabricating reliable quick connect products that meet your specifications. With our vast global resources, we provide on-time delivery at the lowest available cost to you. Stucchi offers a wide selection of standard items, and provides custom designed solutions if you are faced with challenging configurations.

Series of Flat Face Couplers

Stucchi provides flat face couplers with mating faces that are easily cleaned prior to connecting and specially designed for any applications that require no-leak performance. Our flat face coupler products provide proven solutions for limiting contamination in any hydraulic circuit, and include the following:

Our flat face couplers are ideal in many environments and applications, including any process where fluid loss or contamination must be minimized or eliminated, environments where static pressure gets locked into the system, or low to medium and heavy corrosive environments. Our flat face coupling products can be found in mobile construction, agriculture, mining operations and many more processes worldwide.


Stucchi is recognized for exceptional forward-thinking design and engineering services, providing high quality products that meet your specifications. Our vast resources allow us to provide a quick response to your needs and on time delivery. Contact us today to speak with an engineer about the right connection and fluid control products for you including our flat face couplers.