The Dangers of Hydraulic Fluid and How Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Couplers Prevent Injury

Flat face hydraulic quick couplers designed to eliminate leakage are one way to help prevent injury from the dangers of hydraulic fluid.

flat face hydraulic quick couplersHydraulic Fluids are Used in a Myriad of Industries and Applications

Hydraulic fluids are used in machinery and equipment to provide power for completing work tasks across a broad range of industries. Hydraulic fluid becomes pressurized when sending power to various attachments used for lifting, digging, pushing, pulling, and many other processes.

Many industrial operations, agricultural processes, heavy construction vehicles, oil and gas excavation and countless other industries require the use of hydraulic machinery and equipment.

Worker Safety is the Top Priority of All Hydraulic Applications

Worker safety is a top priority in all industries, thus, maintaining reliable and leak-free hydraulic connections is critical to preventing catastrophic injuries. Exposure to hydraulic fluid poses many serious health risks. Exposure can occur during quick coupling and quick release applications, when switching out equipment attachments, performing routine maintenance or during accidental leaks due to quick coupler failure in pressurized applications.

Consequences of Exposure to Hydraulic Fluid

Auxiliary Hydraulic Coupler Leaks

Workers can become exposed to hydraulic fluid when using or maintaining hydraulic equipment. Connecting and disconnecting all types of quick couplers pose a risk of fluid leakage, although using leak-free flat-face hydraulic quick couplers is one step operators can take to protect themselves against the dangers. Precautions must be taken as various levels of exposure to hydraulic fluid may have serious consequences, including:

  • Touching hydraulic fluid may cause burns to the skin and weakness in the hands. Immediately wash any exposed skin with soap and water.
  • Eye exposure may cause serious irritation and should be flushed with water immediately.
  • Ingestion may cause severe burns, poisoning, internal bleeding, loss of limbs, and even death.
  • Inhaling the toxic fumes of burning hydraulic fluid may cause respiratory illness such as asthma, lung disease, chronic bronchitis or damage to the central nervous system. Be sure to operate and maintain machinery and equipment in areas of good ventilation.
  • Environmental contamination may result when hydraulic fluid leaks into the air, ground, and groundwater.

Dangers of High-Pressure Hydraulic Systems


It is important to take precautions when working with hydraulic machinery and equipment, especially during quick connect and quick-release applications. Typical hydraulic systems operate between 120° to 180° F and various levels of pressure. Some high-pressure applications require extremely high pressure at 10,000 psi. Any liquid at these high temperatures will burn the skin and cause any steel fittings or hydraulic adapters to be hot to the touch.

Hydraulic systems under high pressure can produce a fine mist or spray, which could be extremely flammable. It is important to keep any sources of ignition clear from hydraulic applications. Sources of ignition could be sparks created by metal-to-metal contact, high temperatures, and electrical discharges in addition to open flame. Explosions due to hydraulic fluid igniting may cause serious injury and death.

It is critical to understand the dangers of hydraulic fluid and how to prevent accidental hydraulic fluid leaks, spills and exposure. Consulting with an experienced hydraulic quick coupling expert will help to ensure that you are using the right hydraulic quick couplers, fittings and adapters for your application.

Stucchi Offers Custom Hydraulic Quick Coupler Solutions

ISO 16028 Flat Face Couplers Stucchi

Stucchi offers more than 60 years of experience and leads the industry in designing hydraulic quick coupler solutions. Our main focus is providing hydraulic quick connect and quick-release products that improve safety and efficiency. You can contact our technical help desk with any questions, submit drawings, and ask an expert for assistance in choosing the right quick coupler products for your process. Check out these several case studies where we have improved efficiency, safety, productivity, and overall business operations for many of our customers.

hydraulic quick disconnect couplersStucchi Provides Innovative Hydraulic Solutions

Stucchi is known for delivering first-to-market, innovative hydraulic quick coupler solutions. Our development of the flat-face valve in flat-face hydraulic quick couplers significantly reduced fluid leaks into the environment while increasing efficiency. Our design and engineering set the international ISO 16028 standard established in 1999. Flat-face quick couplers and threaded flat-face quick couplers reduce air inclusion, contamination from debris, and pollution to the environment.

vephdl seriesFlat Faced and Threaded Flat Faced Hydraulic Quick Couplers

Flat faced hydraulic quick couplers are proven to reduce or eliminate hydraulic fluid leaks during quick connect and quick release applications, significantly improving safety and preventing spills into the environment. Our threaded flat face coupling line includes the popular VEP threaded quick coupler, which eliminates wear in applications with high-pressure impulses. Our threaded coupling line includes the VEPHD heavy-duty threaded coupler made with QPQ plating and a higher grade of steel and the VEPHDL locking version.

Multi-Coupling Plates Improve Safety and Efficiency

MULTI DP6 2A 4D sepMany processes that utilize multiple hydraulic lines at once benefit from multi-coupling plates. Multi-coupler plates quickly connect and disconnect multiple lines simultaneously with the lift of one lever. In one simple movement, you can quickly connect and release multiple lines to significantly improve productivity while allowing workers to perform work tasks and equipment maintenance much more efficiently and safely. Stucchi has designed multi-coupling plate systems which have been proven to significantly improve productivity and safety applications.

Stucchi offers a vast product line in addition to custom-designed hydraulic solutions, with high-quality quick couplings including:

  • Flat-faced hydraulic quick couplers
  • Threaded flat-face couplers
  • Multi-coupling plates
  • High-pressure quick couplers
  • Hydraulic adapters
  • Poppet Interchange
  • Threaded poppet couplers
  • Skid steer quick couplings
  • Hydraulic dust caps and accessories
  • Specialty couplers
  • Custom-designed coupling solutions

This vast product line, combined with our process analysis to help select the right products for the right equipment and applications, provides valuable business improvements.

flat face couplersStucchi leads the industry in providing hydraulic quick-connect solutions that significantly improve worker safety and efficiency. Maintaining safe and efficient quick-connect processes improves productivity and profitability. Contact Stucchi today to learn more about our flat-faced hydraulic quick couplers and custom-designed hydraulic quick coupler solutions.