Oil & Gas

Drilling for oil, extracting natural gas, and servicing wells, nothing could be much more challenging or rigorous. The demands to meet challenging productivity goals and increase operational predictability are great, all while protecting your people and your company’s profits. High performance, reliable connection under high pressure helps prevent catastrophic component failure and the resulting negative economic impact at all stages of the oil and gas drilling and servicing process.

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Oil and gas drilling are intensive operations that require several hydraulic systems to provide the power needed for several offshore drilling and fracking processes. With countless pipes and hose fittings transmitting hydraulic power, catastrophic consequences could occur if hydraulic units break or leak fluid.  Many offshore processes are prone to leak hydraulic fluid underwater, and reliable, leak-free hydraulic connections are critical to successful oil and gas drilling operations.

Hydraulic Rigs Provide Versatile Oil Field Processes

Hydraulic rigs are versatile, providing a wide variety of processes in oil and gas applications, providing the power needed to assist drilling and extraction processes. Hydraulics are used in several oil and gas applications, including:

  •  Well Control – Hydraulics assist in the use of barriers to eliminate hydrocarbons to flow to the surface.
  • Workovers – An intervention technique used to install or remove pipes from dead wells where mud is present in the wellbore and prevents a natural flow.
  • Recompletions – Causes a rapid increase in well pressure that causes the unit to reach full snubbing capability.
  • Well Service – Corrective work that must be performed on an oil or gas well with the goal of improving general maintenance or production.

Hydraulic Connections for Many Oil and Gas Operations

Several oil and gas critical applications face dire environmental and safety concerns if hydraulic connections fail, which can also cause lost productivity and costly downtime. Hydraulics are used throughout the entire oil and gas extraction process in areas including:

  • Pumps – Oil and gas hydraulic pumps produce high volumes every day and require reliable hydraulic power.
  • Cylinders – Hydraulic cylinders provide versatile solutions by pumping oil, and water glycol and can be mounted in various positions that encounter enormous force
  • Valves – Hydraulic valves deliver secure sealing and protection while taking a beating with high pressure in extreme temperature conditions
  • Gauges – High-performance gauges provide long-lasting performance with little maintenance, even in less than optimal conditions.

Demanding Oil and Gas Conditions Require Reliable Hydraulic Connections

All hydraulic hoses and quick couplings experience high pressure in demanding environmental conditions such as:

  • The majority of hydraulic components, hoses, and fittings in oil and gas processes operate at pressures of 3,000 PSI or higher
  • The typical oil and gas operation can have as many as 1,000 to 3,000 hydraulic hose assemblies, and it only takes one failure in the wrong area to completely shut down operations
  • Choosing incorrect hydraulic hoses or fittings can be a significant costly mistake for land or offshore oil rigs and may also create a dire environmental impact with disastrous consequences.  These errors could erode an oil and gas operation’s productivity and profitability.

Prevent Cross-Matching of Lines in Hydraulic Oil and Gas Processes

In oil and gas processes, it is important to use the same manufacturer for all hydraulic fittings, adapters, and quick coupling flange components. Stucchi provides comprehensive hydraulic solutions for the oil and gas industry with quick couplings and multi-coupling plates that eliminate cross-matching of lines. Our multi-coupling plates allow for the simultaneous connection of multiple lines at once without the chance of cross-matching any hydraulic lines. Our couplings used with multi-coupling plates ensure a reliable and leak-free connection for safe and efficient oil and gas operations.

Stucchi is a leader in hydraulic solutions for a broad range of industries and applications.  We offer more than 60 years of designing, engineering, and manufacturing hydraulic quick couplings that meet demanding hydraulic applications while providing customized hydraulic solutions. Contact us to learn more about our hydraulic solutions for the oil and gas industry.