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Stucchi offers hydraulic solutions for snow and ice removal equipment that eliminate leaks, provide easy connect under pressure, and save significant time with multi-coupling plates.  This allows the quick connect and disconnect of multiple lines at once, with one movement to keep your plows on the road.


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Hydraulic Connections Critical to Snow Removal Equipment Performance

Maintaining and operating snow removal equipment poses unique challenges in the mobile equipment sector.  The hydraulic system is the heart of snow removal equipment whether operating a front plow, side plow, tow plow, snow thrower or spreaders. All equipment is driven by hydraulics with multiple connections required in several areas of the truck such as the left, right, front and rear of the vehicle depending on the equipment used.

These hydraulic connections are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions with freezing temperatures, snow, and ice always battering the hydraulic hoses and couplings. Trucks with spreaders apply chemicals such as Sodium Chloride (rock salt), Magnesium Chloride or Potassium Acetate to melt ice and prevent ice build-up. Quick couplers must be resistant to corrosion and durable to hold up to the abuse of plow equipment.

Many challenges face operators of snowplow equipment such as when using poppet couplers, that will leak every time upon quick disconnect.  There is a better solution with leak-free couplers that prevent contamination and connect easily under pressure.  Even in sub-zero temperatures, thermal expansion from sun exposure can make it difficult to connect under pressure.  Multiple hydraulic lines that require quick connect and disconnect take valuable time when the plows need to hit the road.

Stucchi Solutions for Snow Removal Equipment

Stucchi’s hydraulic solutions address all challenges facing operators of snow removal equipment. Our flat face quick couplers and multi-coupling plates improve productivity and efficiency and support the number one goal of quickly clearing roads for commuter safety. Learn the many benefits of our flat face couplers and multi-coupling plates including:

 APM Seriesflat face quick coupling series that connects easily under pressure with no fluid spillage upon quick disconnect. This protects the environment and eliminates oil spills when servicing trucks indoors.

FAP and FAPZ Seriesflat face quick couplers made with high resistance carbon steel and a zinc plated surface treatment resist corrosion. These flat face couplers easily connect under pressure, lock in place, and eliminate leaks.

Multi-Coupling Plates ask our hydraulic specialists which multi-coupling plate is best for your hydraulic connections.  Depending on your snow removal equipment you can utilize more than one multi-coupling plate for maximum efficiency. Quick service is important in the snow removal industry and multi-coupling plates allow for the quick connect and disconnect of several lines at once, saving valuable time.

Stucchi Supports Snow and Ice Removal Equipment

We understand the critical importance of getting your snow and ice removal equipment on the road without delay for commuter safety. Snow and ice removal equipment is urgently important to protecting commuters from automobile accidents, saving lives, and preventing serious injury. Any delay caused by maintaining multiple quick couplings or quick coupler failure is completely preventable.

The Stucchi solution for snow and ice removal equipment provides the following benefits:

  • Easy quick connect under pressure
  • No leakage on disconnect
  • Save valuable time with multi-coupling plates

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Stucchi offers more than 60 years of experience in providing hydraulic solutions that improve your productivity, efficiency, and safety while protecting workers and the environment. We are an industry leader in providing hydraulic solutions customized to meet your specific equipment and application needs. Contact us with any questions on how to improve your snow and ice removal hydraulic equipment performance.