Application Insights – Prepare Snow Removal Equipment Safely and Quickly

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Making all necessary connections to get snow removal equipment ready for use in the quickest and safest way possible is a clear goal for snowplow drivers, which can be challenging in cold and potentially hazardous conditions.

Plow drivers must connect anywhere from 4 to 8 hydraulic lines to connect a plow and/or a spreader to the truck. The greatest indicator for success is the time it takes and how easy it is for drivers to make these connections.

Both factors can cause potentially serious consequences with lost productivity, safety concerns, and delays that could leave dangerous and potentially deadly road conditions for commuters.

Stucchi offers many quick coupler product solutions to the snow removal industry, including:

• GR/DP Multiplate Series
• VEP Thread to connect Flat Face
• APM/AHD connect under pressure flat face

Learn the many benefits of Stucchi’s snow removal solutions which include:

• Leak-free design eliminates safety and environmental concerns from spilled oil
• Connect and Disconnect with Residual Pressure created from thermal expansion
• Freeze resistant flat face design is easy to clean and does not collect water
• Potential to connect multiple lines in a simple single – motion connection

Contact a Stucchi representative for site specific snow removal solutions based on your region, equipment storage, maintenance practices, and connection processes to determine which of Stucchi’s solutions would work best.