Thanks to the close and fruitful collaboration with OEMs present in the field of Aeronautics, Stucchi has studied, tested, and put on the market several series of products that meet the strict and demanding requests for testing hydraulic connections during aircraft production and ground support.

Complex and sophisticated systems are installed in aircraft which represent anywhere from 40% to 60% of total aircraft weight. Electrical, pneumatic, air conditioning and fuel systems are all critical components of aircraft manufacturing, with the hydraulic fluid power system being an integral component that allows the operation of many other components and systems.

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Hydraulic Couplings for Aviation TestingQuick Disconnect Couplings for Aeronautic Testing

Testing of an aircraft’s hydraulic system includes testing hydraulic motors, pumps, cylinders, and actuators that operate critical components on an aircraft such as:

• Flight controls
• Landing gear
• Nose wheel steering
• Wheel brakes
• Flaps and slats
• Stairs and cargo doors

Aeronautic OEMs require safe and efficient methods for testing the hydraulic system of aircraft during airplane manufacturing and ground service processes. Hydraulic quick disconnect couplings allow users to perform aircraft inspection, maintenance, and testing on various components throughout the many assembly stages. During aircraft production, one subcomponent may require testing, with the same component tested again several times as additional components are integrated.

Hydraulic testing in the Aeronautics field includes testing of all components throughout various manufacturing processes as well as ground service testing with hydraulic test stands and rigs.

Stucchi’s Skydrol Series: Quick Couplings for Aviation Hydraulic Testing

Aeronautical equipment including the many types of aircraft such as commercial planes, military planes, and helicopters requires the use of special hydraulic fluids very different from the standard hydraulic fluid used in other types of hydraulic applications such as mobile and industrial equipment. Hydraulic fluid used in the aviation industry must possess certain chemical and physical characteristics such as resistance to high heat with non-flammable properties.

Aeronautic manufacturers require hydraulic quick couplings designed to withstand the demands of high heat, high pressure, pressure impulses, vibration, and torsion. Stucchi offers the Skydrol Series of quick couplers designed specifically for the aviation industry. The Skydrol Series of flat face and threaded flat face quick couplers are made of carefully selected special materials and gaskets that are certified, tested, and approved for the Aeronautics industry.

Stucchi is a leading global supplier of hydraulic solutions with a wide selection of durable and reliable quick couplings, adapter, and multi-coupling plates. We offer more than 60 years of experience in hydraulic couplings and in-depth market expertise. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about the Skydrol Series of quick couplings for aviation production and testing.