VEP-SK Skydrol Series

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The VEP-SK screw flat face coupling series is another example of the continuous improvement of Stucchi products. Designed for heavy duty applications with high operating pressure, high impulse frequency, and mechanical stress. The VEP-SK couplings are manufactured in high resistance carbon steel material treated with special nitriding treatment to increase the wear resistance of the coupling.

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Related Industries

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Skydrol Benefits

  • Ideal solution for ground equipment and test benches to be used in the aircraft industry.
  • Special seals compatible with Skydrol® 500B-4, Skydrol® LD-4 and Skydrol® 5.
  • Flat face is easy to clean, reducing the inclusion of contamination inside the hydraulic circuit.
  • Minimal fluid spillage during disconnection, reducing fluid spillage to the environment.
  • Minimal air inclusion during connection.
  • Internal valve design creates minimal pressure drop, maintaining circuit efficiency in the system.
  • The modular design allows flexibility with a wide range of configurations.
  • Good resistance to pressure impulses.
  • Compact slim design.
  • Safe and simple to use.

Temperature range:

Special seals for Skydrol®: -20/+100°C (from -4/+212°F).
Please read carefully “Instructions and Warnings” PDF for
proper selection of the products.

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