Hydraulic Check Valves

Hydraulic check valves prevent potential damage from fluid back pressure.

Hydraulic Check Valves Prevent Potential Damage from Fluid Back Pressure

Stucchi is a leading global supplier of fluid connection and control products, including our hydraulic check valve to prevent damage from back pressure. For more than 50 years, we have been providing first-to-market quick connect and disconnect solutions that improve the efficiency and safety across a multitude of applications. We provide a constant flow of solutions with innovative products that meet customer specifications and exceed expectations with simple to use yet highly effective fluid power products and solutions.

You can rely on our design expertise and quality products, combined with our ongoing technical support to improve not just one product or process, but your entire operation. We are committed to providing the most advanced fluid control products available through research and development and to promptly deliver quality products for long lasting, high performance.

Hydraulic Check Valve Product Options

Stucchi provides superior hydraulic check valves, proven to prevent potential damage from fluid back pressure. Our check valves are ideal in any type of hydraulic circuit, providing safety in a compact design suitable for any hydraulic application with non-corrosive liquids. Check valves can also be adjusted to use as pressure sequence valves.

Our hydraulic check valve product options include:

Check valves are available in various materials, offering the right material for your process in either steel and black phosphate with optional zinc plating, high strength carbon steel, or AISI 316 or 360 stainless steel.

Stucchi has been providing superior connection, quick connect and disconnect solutions to OEMs worldwide since 1960. Our skilled design engineers understand the importance of reliable performance in critical applications. When faced with challenging configurations, Stucchi provides custom analysis and design services to develop the most durable and reliable connections that will provide an efficient and safe operation.

Stucchi is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading supplier of connection solutions, providing durable and dependable solutions for over 50 years. We combine extensive experience, vast resources and a commitment to meet and exceed your expectations to provide the most reliable connections solutions available today. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn more about our superior components, including the hydraulic check valve.