Poppet Quick Coupler Interchange

Stucchi provides poppet quick coupler interchange solutions as part of our commitment to deliver durable and versatile quick connect and disconnect couplings when interchange is required. We are recognized worldwide for our expertise in fluid connection and control solutions, offering more than 50 years of experience in developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of demanding industrial applications.

We combine our vast experience with global resources and innovative, forward thinking to design and develop the quick coupler solution that meets your expectations.

Stucchi is committed to research and development to constantly improve upon our process and products, offering the best quick couplings and coupler interchanges in the industry. Our poppet quick coupler interchanges are simple to use with a compact design and internal parts engineered to reduce pressure drops and turbulence.

Quick Coupler Interchange Solutions and Products

Stucchi offers a wide selection of quick coupler interchange products to suit your application requirements, we are sure to find the right connection solution for your application. When you are faced with challenging configurations yet require a dependable and reliable quick connect solution, Stucchi provides custom designed quick connect-disconnect solutions to meet your specifications.

Our poppet interchange couplers are used in many general-purpose processes including hydraulic applications, industrial plant processes, agricultural uses, and wherever high resistance to pressure is required. Our quick coupler interchange solutions and products include:


    The BIR Series ISO A Interchange Couplers are one of the most popular designs worldwide, due to their durability and use of a poppet style valve for the sealing mechanism. The BIR series features a zinc plated steel coupler and zinc plated hardened steel nipple, with nitrile seals. They are available from size 1/4 to 2 inches in size, to cover the various fields of hydraulic applications.

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    The IRB Series Quick Couplings are interchangeable to ISO B standard (ISO 7241-B). The IRB is offered in three different high quality materials to meet different application challenges—IRB carbon steel with Nitrile seals, IRBO brass with Viton seals, and IRBX 316 stainless steel with Viton seals. The entire series features compact design, AISI 302 stainless steel springs, and PTFE anti-extrusion rings.

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    The Agriculture IR Series Hydraulic Quick Couplings offer automatic shut-off during disconnection. The IR features a variety of connection mechanisms: ball (IR), poppet (IRV), push pull (IRS) or push pull sleeve connectable under residual pressure (IRS PC). Poppet or flat-face are recommended for new applications.

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    The I-IP Series is an extension of ISO A style couplings, popular worldwide for its versatile interchangeability. This ISO interchange coupler features a push pull mounting feature and a nipple with a modular port design that allows for a range of port options.

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    The IRC Series Interchange Coupler, commonly referred to as a Nordic interchange, offers a safety sleeve to prevent accidental disconnection and a poppet valve with elastomer seal to provide maximum sealing of the couplings once disconnected. Standard poppet and pressure eliminator poppet available. Connection under residual pressure is allowed in male or female; counterpart side should be without pressure.

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    The SH Series H-IH Interchange Coupling features a simple-to-use, compact design constructed in carbon steel with zinc plating. The poppet valve with elastomer seal provides maximum sealing of the couplings when disconnected, to meet a variety of general purpose needs across various applications.

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You can find Stucchi’s poppet coupler interchange products anywhere interchangeability with existing equipment is required, and any application requiring automatic shut off during disconnection.

Stucchi’s quick coupler interchange products include the most popular designs used worldwide with a poppet style valve, durability in various materials such as carbon steel with Nitrile seals, brass with Viton seals, or stainless steel with Viton seals. Our multiple configurations and ability to custom design a solution to your specification make Stucchi the only call you need to make for reliable connection solutions.


Stucchi is a leading producer and supplier of quick connect and disconnect solutions for various industrial applications worldwide. We offer durable and reliable solutions when leak free connections are required, across a multitude of industries. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer and learn more about our superior quick coupler interchange.