Flat Face Couplers

Stucchi provides flat face couplers with mating faces that are easily cleaned prior to connecting and specially designed for any applications that require no-leak performance. Our flat face coupler products provide proven solutions for limiting contamination in any hydraulic circuit.

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  • a premier flat face coupler

    A Premier Series

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    The A Premier series flat face ISO 16028 interchange couplings offer higher pressure ratings, superior flow characteristics, and lower pressure drop compared to FIRG Series or competitors’ products. Specifically designed for applications needing no-leak performance and the ideal solution for limiting contamination in hydraulic circuit, the non-spill design avoids fluid loss in connection and disconnection.

  • A-HD Series

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    The A-HD series flat face couplings address residual pressure in a circuit, anywhere thermal expansion of trapped fluid causes pressure to develop. They connect by hand with residual pressure, without releasing any fluid into the environment, due to an internal valving system.

  • APM Series

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    The APM series flat face couplings are state-of-the-art solutions for high residual pressure. They address residual pressure in a circuit anywhere thermal expansion of trapped fluid causes pressure to develop, and connect by hand with residual pressure, without releasing any fluid into the environment. The APM is intended to relieve pressure within itself only.

  • FIRG Series

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    The FIRG flat face series, the original ISO 16028 interchangeable coupling, continues to offer good performance, long life and competitive pricing. The integrated sealing mechanism greatly reduces premature wear caused by movement between coupler and nipple parts affected by impulse pressure and the weight of the hoses and tubing when the coupling is in horizontal position.

  • FIRGQ Series

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    The FIRGQ series flat face couplings utilizing QPQ plating technology for a corrosion resistant finish that is superior to zinc plating in many environments. It is a low-cost alternative to cost-prohibitive stainless steel applications and can be supplied with a variety of seals for fluid compatibility and operating temperature requirements.

  • FL Series

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    The FL series flat face couplings are designed with high corrosion resistance and excellent fatigue life. The FL couplings are manufactured in 316 stainless steel to eliminate leakage during connection/disconnection, reduce contamination in the circuit, and offer optimal resistance to corrosion. Standard seals are Viton/Fluorocarbon; other materials available for various fluids and operating temperatures.

  • PPC Push Pull Series

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    The PPC/push pull series coupler is built on the A Premier platform, featuring breakaway capabilities that engage when the coupler is unintentionally left coupled, preventing leakage and damage. Its clamp fixture is designed to be mounted to the structure; when pulled apart in line with the coupler, the PPC coupler will break away. For mobile applications: the APM series nipple is recommended with this series.