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The A-ZN Series Flat Face Couplings utilize specialized plating for high corrosion resistance, designed to exceed the ISO salt spray test. Standard zinc plating is rated for 400 hours before red spotting. The Z version offers higher pressure and superior flow ratings with a lower pressure drop compared to competitors’ products. The ZN version plating is designed to exceed 1000 hours before the appearance of red spotting in the same ISO salt spray test.

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  • Agricultural

  • Automotive

  • Coiled tubing

  • Demolition

  • Die Casting

  • Industrial

  • Mobile

  • Oil & Gas

  • Railroad

  • Snow & Ice

  • Steel


Special Zinc Treatment

  • Size range: 3/8” thru 5/8”
  • Port options: NPT Interchanges with ISO 16028
  • Exceeds impulse test of ISOA-7241 test
  • Lock system stops unwanted disconnect
  • Modular structure for multiple port option
  • Hardened steel, 12 to 20 balls reduce brinelling
  • Medium- to high-corrosion environments
  • Anywhere fluid loss and hydraulic circuit contamination need to be eliminated
  • Snow removal, mobile construction, agriculture, and mining operations

Pressure Drop

a zn pressure drop

Size Diagram

a zn size diagram

A-ZN Series Accessories Coupler Dust Cap | Nipple Dust Cap

Body Size Port Size Order Code Description Order Code Description
Coupler/Female Dust Cap Nipple/Male Dust Cap
3/8 3/8 815100003 CAP M. FIRG38/A9
3/8 3/8 & 1/2 815100002 CAP F. FIRG38/A9/FIRG12 815100005 CAP M. FIRG12/A9
1/2 1/2 815100004 CAP F. FIRG12A/A13 815100007 CAP M. FIRG12A/A13
1/2 1/2 & 1/4 815100006 CAP F. FIRG34/A13 815100009 CAP M. FIRG34/A13
5/8 3/4 815100008 CAP F. FIRG34B/A15 815100011 CAP M. FIRG34B/A15

Repair Kits

Order Code Description
A Premier Series
815700097 KIT M. A9
815700099 KIT M. A13
815700101 KIT M. A15

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Valve Style

Port Options

Body Size

, ,

Port Size

, ,

Port Option


Max Operating Pressure Coupled (PSI)

4785, 5075

Burst Pressure (PSI)


Spillage (ml)

0.012, 0.02, 0.026

Available Options: