Threaded Poppet Couplers with Hydraulic Poppet Valves

Solution for open center or closed center hydraulic systems. Positive-stop valving prevents flow checking, and connection under residual pressure is allowed on one side.

Threaded Poppet Couplers for Open Center or Closed Center Hydraulic Systems

Stucchi provides engineered solutions for open center or closed center hydraulic systems with our hydraulic poppet valve which provides maximum sealing of the couplings when disconnected. Stucchi has proactively responded to market and industrial demands with innovative coupling products. We have over 50 years of experience in providing reliable quick disconnect in the field, improving efficiency and safety by reducing or eliminating downtime due to leakage. Our skilled engineers offer in-depth process analysis to deliver connection solutions developed specifically for your application.

Our vast global resources allow for large inventory to provide on-time delivery worldwide, with a commitment to deliver prompt shipments to meet the deadlines of demanding industries. When your operation relies upon fast and efficient connection and disconnect solutions, Stucchi keeps your process on schedule with durable and reliable quick connect and poppet valve solutions.

Hydraulic Poppet Valve

The hydraulic poppet valve designed in our threaded poppet couplers is for open or closed center hydraulic systems. The poppet valve provides positive-stop valving to prevent flow checking, with connection under residual pressure allowed on one side. Save time when switching out equipment lines with our threaded poppet couplers that provide high resistance to pressure in a compact design.
Our threaded poppet coupling products include a wide selection of durable and versatile solutions including:

The hydraulic poppet valves in the treaded poppet couplers ensure reliable connection under residual pressure, ideal in hydraulic systems experiencing pressure impulses or spikes, serving a variety of hydraulic needs in industrial plant applications. The valves provide reliable performance in heavy-duty conditions, wherever impulses must be managed, or turbulence reduced.

Stucchi provides connection solutions designed to maximize efficiency, safety and performance based on our decades of experience and commitment to exceeding your expectations with high performance under pressure. You can have confidence in our expertise to meet your specifications with durable, versatile and reliable connection solutions, eliminating contamination issues and preventing shutdowns.

Stucchi is a valued supplier to multinational OEM customers, providing leak-free solutions to critical applications with reliable performance. We develop and fabricate customized solutions to ensure successful operation with long lasting, high quality connections. Contact us today to learn more about our connection solutions including our superior hydraulic poppet valve.