Stucchi offers heavy-duty auxiliary quick couplers and multi-coupling plates, designed specifically for demanding demolition processes that support versatility, improve safety, and prevent environmental contamination.

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Demolition Equipment Hydraulics

Demolition contractors must utilize heavy duty equipment and a variety of attachments such as hydraulic breakers, demolition grapples, shears, multi-processors and other heavy duty, high flow attachments. Maintaining the hydraulic system with reliable, leak-free connections can be challenging in this demanding environment. Constant hammering can take a toll on hydraulic connections and contractors risk lost productivity due to unexpected downtime.

Heavy Duty Auxiliary Hydraulic Couplers Prevent Downtime

Maintaining optimum hydraulic fluid control to your attachment of choice, with no hydraulic fluid leaks, supports efficient operations with no unexpected downtime. Optimum hydraulic fluid control to your attachment of choice with no hydraulic fluid leaks, supports efficient operations with no unexpected downtime. Heavy duty auxiliary couplers outlast less durable quick couplings, meaning less expense and less time to replace them.

Quickly changing excavator attachments is a very important process for demolition contractors to meet deadlines and operate profitably.  Knowing you can count on your attachment to perform as expected is critical.

Stucchi Offers Hydraulic Solutions for the Demolition Industry

Stucchi has been providing hydraulic solutions to the mobile industry and many other critical applications for more than 60 years. We offer a wide selection of heavy-duty hydraulic quick couplers that support demanding applications and provide many benefits such as:

  • Support Versatility – Auxiliary hydraulic quick release couplers designed for interchangeability provide the most value with the versatile arsenal of attachments available today.
  • Improve Safety – The less time spent outside the cab of an excavator on a demolition job site, the safer that operator is.  With quick and efficient changeover of attachments, excavator operators can release one attachment and connect another with minimal amount of time outside the cab.
  • Prevent ContaminationHydraulic fluid poses a real safety risk to workers and to the environment when fluid leaks occur.  Using threaded, flat face quick couplers provides the best protection against fluid leaks as well as contamination of your hydraulic circuit.


The VEPHDL, Heavy Duty, Locking Threaded, Flat Face Coupler provides failsafe hydraulic connections in the most demanding applications such as demolition. The VEPHDL is proven to hold up to the continual hammering, twisting and vibration of demolition processes.

Stucchi’s multi-coupling plates significantly improve productivity and safety with the quick connect or release of multiple auxiliary hydraulic lines at once with one simple movement.

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Stucchi is a leading provider of hydraulic solutions in the most demanding applications where reliable performance is critical. We offer reliable and durable hydraulic quick couplers and multi-coupling plates with customized, brand specific solutions to meet your exact equipment and attachment needs. Contact us to learn how to improve your demolition process with failsafe hydraulic quick couplers.