Multi-Coupling Plates

Multi-coupling plates improve productivity and efficiency with single motion connection of multiple hydraulic, electric or pneumatic lines, with one simple movement.

Multi-coupling plates by Stucchi provide simultaneous coupling and uncoupling  of multiple lines with the same or different media with a simple, single movement that requires minimal force.  Multi-coupler plates and couplings improve many processes that require leak free connections of multiple couplings found in several applications such as construction, drilling, mining machinery and equipment, tool changes in injection molding, refrigeration equipment and many others.

Our multi-coupling products are proven to improve productivity, efficiency, performance and safety, and include the following:

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Hydraulic Multi Coupler Plates and Quick Couplers

Improve productivity and efficiency with single motion connection of multiple lines mounted in Stucchi’s multi-coupler plates.  Reduce downtime between production runs or maintenance anywhere multiple hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic or water lines are connected on machinery and equipment.

Video: Learn to replace couplings on multi-coupling plates

Video: Hydraulic Coupling Plate Connection for Power and Rod Tongs on Workover Rig

Stucchi offers high quality quick connect products that meet and exceed customer specifications with forward thinking, innovative connection solutions.  We are recognized as a leading global supplier of quick connect and disconnect solutions with quick response to your needs and on time delivery. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer about our quick connect solutions including multi-coupler plates.