Excavator and Mini-Excavator Kits

Auxiliary hydraulic couplings and adapters make your mini-excavator a big tool carrier. Easily change attachments and rely on your hydraulic quick connect couplings to hold up to the most demanding, heavy duty workloads.

Watch this video on How to Use the Stucchi Diverter Valve Solution for Excavators


Compact Track Loader (CTL) Kit

Not every CTL comes ready to operate the attachments your application requires. Easily convert your CTL from standard to high flow to prevent overheating, safety hazards and premature wear.



Skid Steer Kit

When you push your skid steer to the limit, Stucchi’s Saturn Block HD can take the pressure. This field replacement houses 1” VEP threaded, flat face couplers to handle high-flow attachment requirements without overheating, and with easy quick connect under pressure.

  • Saturn Block HD
  • VEP 1” Threaded Flat Face Couplers



Watch this video on How to Upgrade Your Skid Steer Auxiliary Hydraulics to High Flow.

Conversion Kits

For those needing a short term conversion from flat face to VEP, or VEP to flat face, Stucchi’s conversion kits provide a solution.

Please contact us with your equipment and application specifications so we can provide the best hydraulic solution to meet your needs.