How to Use the Stucchi Hydraulic Diverter Valve Solution for Excavators

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Excavators can use a variety of attachments such as a digger bucket with a hydraulic thumb, that is usually permanently attached. When operators need to switch to another attachment like a hydraulic breaker, it can be time consuming to switch hydraulic lines to go back and forth between attachments.

This is where Stucchi’s Diverter Valve solution for excavators makes life easier and provides many additional benefits like:

• Increased Productivity with Less Downtime
• Increased Machine Life with Less Contamination
• Decreased Environmental Impact with No Spillage

The Diverter valve comes with a mounting bracket and bolts for easy installation and allows the operator to easily select between using a thumb or other hydraulic attachment.

This is one of the many Stucchi solutions we have for mobile construction, just contact your Stucchi representative for more information.