How to Use Stucchi’s Saturn Block Series

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Stucchi’s Saturn Block is a direct field replacement for other connect-under-pressure systems and allows for easy connection/disconnection with residual pressure.  A user-friendly relief valve system drains the residual pressure before connection and disconnection. The Saturn Block is available with 3-position, 5-position, and Heavy-Duty engineering to support high-flow attachments.



Learn the many benefits of the Saturn Block, which include:

  • Relieves trapped pressure on the machine side prior to connection.
  • Robust relief valve design prevents unintended relief of system pressure to the drain line during operation
  • Allows the operator to relieve pressure and connect the attachment hydraulics in one safe location outside the machine cab
  • Modular design allows for a variety of Stucchi Products and sizes to be configured into the Saturn block.
  • Saturn 5 HF version incorporates two sets of couplers, a 3/4-in or larger size for high-flow attachments and a 1/2-in size for standard flow attachments.

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Watch Stucchi’s video to see a demonstration of connecting and disconnecting and how to use the Saturn block.