Stucchi offers a selection of quick connect fittings and no-leak hydraulic couplings designed for high performance in mission-critical applications such as aerospace ground support equipment (GSE).

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Aerospace Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Quick Couplings

When testing or launching aerospace equipment such as aircraft, missiles, and rockets, precise performance of launch pad ground equipment is critical.

Connecting your equipment with self-sealing, locking quick disconnect hydraulic couplings with zero-leak performance prevents devastating contamination. Fluid leaks cause safety issues with damage to expensive components, flight problems and unintended downtime of aircraft.

Selecting high-quality hydraulic couplings with the right specifications can prevent these issues and ensure clean, reliable, and safe operation of aerospace ground service equipment.

Stucchi’s Quick Couplings for Aerospace Ground Service Equipment

Stucchi’s quick couplings for aerospace ground service equipment include threaded, flat face, and multi-coupling plates designed to support the intense, high-pressure demands in aerospace launch pad equipment. With features such as single shut-off self-sealing, locking, high-pressure, swivel joints, no leak, and corrosion resistance, our hydraulic couplings include:

We customize your hydraulic coupling solution based on continually evolving needs in the aerospace industry. Hydraulic quick couplings from Stucchi contribute to a robust and reliable ground service equipment support system in aerospace launch pad applications.

Over 60 Years of Hydraulic Solutions for Critical Applications

Recognized as a world leading provider of hydraulic solutions, Stucchi offers much more than high-quality quick couplings and fittings, we analyze your process to recommend the right couplings to meet your demands. Our hydraulic specialists partner with you to provide custom hydraulic solutions to ensure optimum performance and safety. When your equipment performance is mission-critical and downtime is not an option, you can rely on Stucchi’s quick connect fittings for aerospace ground support.

Stucchi has been providing hydraulic solutions which improve your process and overall business operations since 1960, advancing with technology and modern industrial demands. We introduce first-to-market, patented solutions such as our flat-face coupling design which set the ISO 16028 standard. Contact us to reach new heights with safe, leak-free hydraulic quick couplings for aerospace ground support equipment.