Hydraulic dust caps and accessories protect, maintain, and extend the life of your quick connect couplings.

Hydraulic dust caps protect your couplings to extend the working life and reduce required maintenance by preventing water, mud or dust from damaging your quick couplings. Protective caps and plugs are ideal in general construction and agricultural applications where moving materials such as earth and sand are involved.  Our hydraulic specialists can help you determine the best dust caps, accessories and repair kits for your quick couplings and applications.

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Hydraulic Dust Caps

Stucchi provides important accessories such as our hydraulic dust caps that protect your quick connect couplings.  We offer technical support and process analysis from hydraulic specialists to ensure the success of your hydraulic quick connect process. Stucchi is an industry leading global supplier of quick connect solutions, providing safe and reliable quick connect products including accessories such as hydraulic dust caps and repair kits.

Stucchi is recognized for forward thinking problem solving analysis, providing durable and reliable connection solutions that improve your process. We ensure control in high pressure connection applications, with simple to use couplings and multi-coupling plates. Contact us to speak with a hydraulic specialist and for more information on our hydraulic dust caps.