How to Use the Stucchi VEP Series Threaded Flat Face Couplers

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Watch this video to learn how to use the Stucchi VEP Series Threaded Flat Face Couplers, known to provide many hydraulic connection solutions where other quick couplers fail. We will explain the products and accessories available, demonstrate how to connect and disconnect, and explain the benefits of the VEP Series.

Some of the key benefits that using Stucchi’s VEP Series can provide include:

  • Connect under pressure valve technology allows to connect and disconnect with trapped pressure on one or both sides
  • Threaded connection allows large-size connections to be made quickly by hand
  • Robust locking mechanism prevents pre-mature failure in high impulse and high vibration applications
  • Flat face valve design makes cleaning easy and prevents fluid loss or air inclusion when connecting or disconnecting