Case Study – Hydraulic Thumb Plumbing Solutions

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HYDRAULIC THUMB PLUMBING SOLUTIONS Excavator operators switch attachments on demolition jobs to utilize the best tool for the job. Historically, there were gaps in available plumbing options when using a hydraulic thumb which were hard plumbed without quick release couplers. This made it difficult to prevent oil spillage when changing attachments and created safety and environmental issues. The use of auxiliary quick release couplers improves attachment changeover time, safety and contamination issues. While this is an improvement over hard plumbing, issues still exist when using conventional coupling connections. Stucchi provides an innovative hydraulic solution with a 45° adapter used in conjunction with our heavy duty quick couplers. This significantly improves the plumbing for hydraulic thumb operations.


SAFETY AND CONTAMINATION RISKS WITH SNAPPED LINES When using a hydraulic hammer or shears, the auxiliary couplers attached to hoses in a conventional straight line should be fine. When using the hydraulic thumb, however, this type of connection can be a real problem as the thumb attachment can come into contact with hydraulic hoses and literally snap them off. This can cause serious damage, downtime and directly impact profitability. Snapped hydraulic lines put the operator at serious risk for injury if exposed to hydraulic fluid leaks at high pressure. Contractors may incur hefty fines for environmental clean- up and costly equipment repairs. Many demolition contractors may not be aware that a better solution exists.


VEPHDL THREADED COUPLER WITH 45° ADAPTER Stucchi developed a solution for plumbing the hydraulic thumb by incorporating a 45° adapter with our heavy duty quick coupler, the VEPHDL. This threaded, flat-face, heavy-duty coupler combined with the 45° adapter prevents the possibility of snapped lines. This plumbing solution keeps hydraulic hoses out of harm’s way while providing a much cleaner and safer operation. The Stucchi Solution – adding a 45° adapter to our heavy-duty VEPHDL Series keeps hydraulic hoses out of harm’s way.


SAFER, CLEANER, ADDED VALUE Stucchi’s VEPHDL is designed to hold up in heavy-duty applications, with a threaded, locking connection. The flat-face design is easier to clean and prevents contamination to the environment and the hydraulic circuit. Stucchi partners with one equipment dealer who plumbs all their hydraulic thumbs with the Stucchi solution to provide added value to their customers.


Plumbing hydraulic thumb attachments with Stucchi’s VEPHDL and the 45° adapter provides many benefits such as:

  •  Prevents operator injury from leaking, pressurized hydraulic fluid
  •  Prevents environmental contamination, fines and clean-up costs
  •  Prevents broken auxiliary hydraulic hoses, equipment damage and costly repairs


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