connect under pressure hydraulic couplersIf you’re having trouble connecting quick couplers on your machinery, equipment or skid steer machines, it may be due to built-up pressure in the lines. This is most often the case when your hydraulic quick coupler is difficult to connect, although connect under pressure hydraulic couplers provide a solution to this problem. Contractors and machine operators often encounter a situation where hydraulic pressure gets locked up inside the implement after disconnection from the machine.

When this occurs it is very difficult, if not impossible, to quick connect the coupler again without loosening it to bleed off the pressure. This is time consuming and frustrating, causing added machine down time and hindering efficient operations. Quick couplers designed specifically to quick release under pressure eliminate this frustration and added steps, improving worker safety and efficiency.

Hydraulic Quick Connect under Pressure Solutions

When machine operators go to hook up their skid steer implement and the hydraulic quick couplers simply will not push together, no matter how hard you try, this is probably because of trapped pressure on the implement side. There are two options to prevent this from happening.

Relieve the Pressure Prior to Quick Release

The first solution is to always relieve the pressure prior to disconnecting the skid steer implement. To do this, you must turn off the machine, place the key only in the ignition, release the parking brake and make sure that the entire area around your skid loader is clear. You can then release the built up pressure by moving the loader levers from inside the cab. Some newer models provide a way to bleed the pressure from the outside of the cab.

This option of bleeding the pressure prior to disconnecting any implements will usually work and allow you to reconnect quick couplings without any problem. If the attachment gets bumped around, however, it may cause the machine’s hydraulic system to lock up again. If this happens and you are still wasting time trying to quick connect your couplers under pressure, consider the second option.

Utilize Connect under Pressure Hydraulic Quick Couplers

Option two for solving the problem of a hydraulic quick connect system locking up is to use connect under pressure hydraulic couplers in the first place. Quick couplers designed to connect under pressure are a lifesaver for operators of skid steer and agricultural equipment. No longer must machine operators be stuck out in the elements, trying to relieve pressure to reconnect quick couplers.

Stucchi Offers Connect under Pressure Hydraulic Couplers

Stucchi is recognized worldwide for delivering hydraulic quick connect solutions to many industrial applications. We offer a vast product line of quick couplers designed for nearly any hydraulic application as well as offering custom designed solutions. Our problem solving ability is second to none as we strive to improve hydraulic applications with cost-efficient, safe and reliable quick connect and quick release solutions.

We offer hydraulic quick couplings designed to quick connect under pressure for improved safety, efficiency and equipment performance. Our VEP series of threaded flat face quick couplers provide a simple yet extremely effective solution for quick connect under pressure applications. The VEP series includes:

The VEP series is a threaded flat face coupler which features a patented internal valve to allow quick connect and disconnect in high pressure processes. The flat face design promotes no leak performance, eliminating contamination of hydraulic circuits and the environment. The thread to connect design prevents unwanted disconnection and reduces excessive wear and tear.

The VEP is compatible with a heavier duty version, the VEPHD, which provides the same leak-free, quick connect solution under pressure in a coupler manufactured with a higher grade of steel and QPQ plating. Also compatible is the VEPHDL, with the same benefits featuring a failsafe, locking mechanism.

Stucchi also offers a wide selection of hydraulic quick couplers ideal for various skid steer machines. The A-HD is easy to quick connect by hand in applications with residual pressure such as thermal expansion from trapped fluid. The Saturn block features a relief system, is interchangeable with ISO 16028 quick couplers and is a direct field replacement for many pressurized quick connect systems.

Stucchi offers custom designed solutions for challenging configurations from skilled hydraulic engineers with proven problem solving ability. Our proven case studies are testament to our commitment for improving your overall business operations with cost-efficient, reliable hydraulic solutions. Contact us with any questions and for hydraulic solutions with connect under pressure hydraulic couplers.