Tips for Smooth Running Cat Skid Steer Auxiliary Hydraulics

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When choosing the right attachments for your Caterpillar utility vehicle, there are some tips to follow to ensure a smooth-running Cat skid steer auxiliary hydraulics system. The benefit of these utility vehicles is the opportunity to switch out various attachments to complete work tasks on a job site with just one vehicle. It’s important to make sure that your work tool attachment is the right one for the job and for your equipment while also ensuring that your hydraulic system is configured for optimum performance.

Stucchi offers auxiliary hydraulic kits with brand solutions for excavators and mini-excavators, compact track loaders (CTLs), and skid steer equipment.

Tips When Pairing Attachments with Your Cat® Skid Steer

Keep these tips in mind when pairing attachments with your Cat® skid steer auxiliary hydraulics system:

1) Know your machine to pair with the best attachment

Select an attachment that’s going to pair well with your machine for good visibility from the operator’s seat. Know your machine’s equipment model number, the lift and weight capacities, tipping mode, and any basic configuration information. Be aware of any custom, retrofit, or optional features.

2) Evaluate your machine’s hydraulic flow and pressure

Know the hydraulic flow (gpm) of your machine and the pressure (psi) output capabilities. It is important to understand your cat skid steer auxiliary hydraulics system. Many attachments require a third or fourth hydraulic function capability, and not all skid steer machines are equipped with that. It is also important to know the type of hydraulic quick coupler currently in use.

Stucchi offers solutions for connecting under pressure.  Check out our video with solutions for connecting under pressure.

How to Connect with Residual Pressure

If it is a brand name quick coupler, write down the serial number and even take a photograph of it for reference when shopping your attachments. Most machines have a rocker switch inside the cab to allow the operator to change tools from inside the cab. A universal quick coupler interface with low-profile side plates provides a proper match for most tools while preventing contamination from dirt and debris. Stucchi offers a wide selection of quick-release couplings for any hydraulic application.

3) Know the flow specifications of the hydraulic circuit

Hydraulic systems on utility vehicles power the machine to operate on the ground and also drive the skid steer auxiliary hydraulics circuit. The hydraulic circuit powers attachments, enabling lifting, tilting, and other specific work tasks. It is important to know if your machine is equipped with “high flow” or “standard flow”.

Standard flow hydraulics is typically defined as 22 gallons per minute (gpm). High-flow hydraulics will typically exceed 26 gallons per minute and 3,300 psi, with high-flow hydraulics designated as XPS exceeding 33 gallons per minute and 4,050 psi. Typically, machines designed with high-flow hydraulics can still operate attachments designed for standard flow machines without any problems, although it is not recommended that a standard flow skid steer machine operate tools designed with high-flow hydraulics.

4) Learn the difference between fabricated and hydromechanical attachments

Fabricated attachments do not require additional auxiliary hydraulics, which makes them more versatile. Attachments made by one manufacturer can easily attach to a machine made by another manufacturer.

Hydromechanical attachments are tools such as augers, mulchers, multipurpose buckets, hammers, and more which are powered by the skid steer machine’s auxiliary hydraulic system. It is recommended that hydromechanical attachments be from the same manufacturer as your machine. Cat skid steer machines and their attachments are designed to work together, thus pairing brand-name attachments with your machine ensures that the Cat skid steer auxiliary hydraulics fittings and hose hookups maintain a leak-free tight seal for optimum fluid and pressure control.

Matching the configuration of your attachment to your machine is important to achieve optimum pressure, hydraulic fluid control, and, ultimately, efficient and productive work tasks. If you are still unsure about the right attachment for your skid steer machine, you may consider renting the tool before you purchase it.

Stucchi Offers Cat Skid Steer Auxiliary Hydraulics Solutions

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If you have any questions about your Cat skid steer auxiliary hydraulic system or quick coupler requirements, Stucchi offers customized hydraulic solutions. We offer a wide selection of high-quality quick couplers compatible with brand names such as Caterpillar, John Deere, and Kubota. Stucchi is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of quality hydraulic quick couplers and custom-designed hydraulic solutions that improve overall business operations.

We offer a wide selection of skid steer hydraulic quick couplers and adapters, including flat face ISO 16028 interchangeable couplings, threaded flat face quick couplers, and the Saturn Block, which provides easy, quick connect and disconnect under pressure with a user-friendly pressure relief system. Learn more about how to use the Saturn Block with the simple video instruction:cat skid steer auxiliary hydraulics

How to Use Stucchi’s Saturn Block Series

We also offer many other quick coupling adapters and fittings, including heavy-duty and locking versions. When in doubt, contact the leading authority on hydraulic quick connect and quick release solutions at Stucchi.

Stucchi is recognized worldwide for providing high-quality, quick couplings and custom quick coupler solutions engineered to meet your specifications. We offer 60 years in business meeting critical hydraulic connection demands across a broad range of industries and applications. Contact us to speak with an engineer and with any questions on your Cat skid steer auxiliary hydraulics.