Skid Steer Flat Face Couplers Prepare Your Equipment for Spring

skid steer flat face couplersGet your equipment ready for Spring with leak-free skid steer flat face couplers that facilitate smooth operation for a busy workload. It’s that time of year that we see tractors busy in the fields, Bobcats® hurriedly moving about construction sites and skid steer utility vehicles of all types busy at work. With high expectations for long hours and meeting productivity goals, be sure to include checking your hydraulic quick coupler performance to the checklist.

Hydraulic quick couplers are the least expensive component on very expensive equipment yet are often not considered until failure occurs. While getting your agricultural, construction or mobile equipment cleaned, maintained and prepared for Spring, it’s important to check your hydraulic quick coupling connections. Even the smallest amount of fluid leak will affect performance and potentially contaminate the environment.

Use the Right Couplers

Using the right type of skid steer flat face couplers is critical to achieving maximum performance and equipment uptime. One of the biggest mistakes made by equipment operators in many industrial and commercial applications is not using the right type of hydraulic quick coupler. Choosing the right hydraulic quick connect and disconnect solution will significantly improve equipment uptime, prevent unplanned shutdowns, protect workers and the environment.

Consulting with an experienced hydraulic quick coupler supplier for guidance on the right type of couplers for your equipment will help you to achieve maximum productivity and safety. Flat face, also called flush face, quick couplers are considered to be environmentally friendly as they help to prevent leaks of hydraulic fluid in high pressure applications or processes with high pressure impulses.

Stucchi Offers Skid Steer Couplers

Stucchi is synonymous for hydraulic quick coupler solutions, offering a wide selection of reliable quick connect and disconnect products including skid steer flat face couplers. Our experienced quick coupler specialists partner with you to determine and provide the most reliable and leak free quick connect solution for your skid steer equipment. We offer skilled process analysis and quick couplers designed to meet the rugged demands of agricultural, construction and mobile equipment.

Skid steer flat face couplers proven in demanding environments include:

  • A Premier Series – an ISO 16028 flat face quick coupler with higher pressure ratings and lower pressure drop over comparable products.
  • A-HD – flat face quick coupling with easy quick connect by hand under residual pressure, includes internal valving system to prevent fluid release.
  • APM Series – a reliable ISO 16028 flush face coupler designed to release pressure within itself.
  • VEP – the VEP threaded flat face coupler series is popular in many applications where residual pressure exists, is trapped in a line or is subjected to high pressure impulses.
  • VEPHD – the VEP series with upgraded material and QPQ plating for heavy duty performance.
  • VEPHDL – heavy duty threaded flat face coupler with a failsafe locking mechanism, compatible with the VEP and VEPHD.
  • Saturn Block – provides a user friendly relief system with simple quick connect and disconnect and is a direct field replacement for many pressurized connection systems.

Stucchi offers these quick couplers proven in rugged skid steer equipment used in demanding applications. Skid steer hydraulic couplers are exposed to extreme temperatures and rugged terrain such as snow, dirt and forestry environments. We offer custom developed hydraulic solutions to provide the most reliable and durable quick connect products for your process.

Stucchi is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of hydraulic quick coupler solutions. We offer a full product line of flat face, threaded flat face, multi-coupling plates, poppet interchange and many other quick couplers and accessories including custom designed solutions. Contact us to learn how you can maintain leak free hydraulic quick connect performance with skid steer flat face couplers.