Leak Free Skid Steer Hydraulic Quick Coupler Solutions

Skid Steer Hydraulic Quick CouplerSkid steer equipment such as Bobcat, John Deere, CAT utility vehicles, tractors and various small engine machines and loaders all have one thing in common, they require an external hydraulic system they can rely on. Skid steer hydraulic quick coupler solutions must provide the right amount of hydraulic flow to operate equipment effectively, with leak free performance for environmental protection and worker safety. Most skid steer machines are designed with similar hydraulic systems for compatibility and interchangeability of hydraulic quick couplers.

Skid Steer Quick Couplers for Hydraulic Fluid Control

Skid steer equipment typically operates with a standard hydraulic flow, although some utility machines utilize high flow which is usually an option at the time of purchase. Standard hydraulic flow varies from 8 to 23 gallons per minute and will power most included attachments. A flat face hydraulic quick coupling system is most commonly found on these skid steer machines.

Tractors and other skid steer utility vehicles may operate with high flow hydraulics which ranges from 20 to 45 gallons per minute. High flow hydraulic systems are either designed with single or dual stage, which require different quick coupler specifications. Single stage high flow hydraulics on skid steer equipment can usually utilize the same flat face couplers as the standard flow machines, although dual stage high flow hydraulic systems are designed with separate lines and separate sets of couplers on the outside of the machine.

Regardless of the type of skid steer utility vehicle or hydraulic rate of flow, working with an experienced hydraulic quick coupling expert will provide you with the right hydraulic coupler system to provide maximum, leak-free, performance.

Stucchi Offers Skid Steer Hydraulic Quick Couplers

Stucchi is a leading global supplier of hydraulic quick couplers utilized worldwide across many industrial applications. Our hydraulic quick coupler design engineers offer process analysis with custom designed quick connect solutions to maximize your equipment performance on any type of mobile or agricultural machinery and equipment. Stucchi is synonymous with hydraulic solutions, known for partnering with our customers to develop the most reliable, durable and leak free quick connect and disconnect products to meet your specifications.

We offer a wide selection of skid steer hydraulic quick couplers, designed to keep your equipment on the road while providing leak-free performance for environmental protection. These small engine utility vehicles are exposed to extreme temperatures, ice, snow, heat, humidity, dirt and debris and must be extremely durable to withstand premature wear and tear. Skid steer hydraulic couplers must meet the rugged elements of the environment while protecting Mother Nature at the same time.

One hydraulic quick coupler supplier is up to the challenge to deliver leak-free, hydraulic fluid control while improving productivity and safety. Here is a short list of some of the most common skid steer hydraulic couplers:

  • A Premier Series – flat face quick coupler with ISO 16028 interchangeability
  • A-HD – flat face quick coupler which prevents fluid loss in applications with residual pressure
  • Saturn Block – simple quick connect and disconnect with user friendly system
  • APM Series – releases pressure within itself with leak free quick disconnect and ISO interchangeability
  • VEP – threaded flat face coupler ideal in pressurized applications
  • VEPHD – the VEP with heavy duty material, higher steel grade and QPQ plating
  • VEPHDL – heavy duty VEP in the locking version

Stucchi offers these and many other standard hydraulic quick couplers which meet rugged industrial demands. When faced with challenging or non-standard configurations, our skilled design engineers partner with you to develop the best hydraulic coupler solution. We are recognized worldwide for our forward thinking, problem solving ability with hydraulic solutions that improve your process.

Your quick connect and disconnect products should provide reliable flow and control of fluid, while ensuring against environmental contamination and dangerous situations. Stucchi’s solutions include process analysis, incorporating multi-coupling plates where possible to prevent cross contamination and drastically improve productivity. Our hydraulic quick coupler solutions improve equipment uptime while eliminating unplanned shutdowns and environmental contamination.

Keep your equipment up and running with maximum performance by utilizing reliable, durable and leak free hydraulic quick couplers for mobile, agricultural and skid steer equipment.

Stucchi is recognized worldwide for providing hydraulic fluid control solutions with high performance quick couplers. We believe your quick connect process should improve your entire business operations to meet productivity and safety goals. Contact us to learn more about our wide selection of quick coupling products, custom solutions and leak free skid steer hydraulic quick couplers.