Never Fail Caterpillar Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Caterpillar is known worldwide for their heavy duty, reliable and versatile skid steer machinCaterpillar Hydraulic Quick Coupleres. Caterpillar hydraulic quick couplers power a wide range of attachments for use in many industries such as construction, landscaping, forestry, waste, mining and agricultural. The hydraulic system is the heart of skid steer equipment with couplers used on the ends of hoses of powered attachments coupled to the machine’s hydraulics.

Smooth operation with quick and easy changeover of different attachments is achieved with durable and reliable skid steer quick couplers. Choosing the right Cat quick coupler is key to achieving maximum performance from your skid steer machine and attachments. Rugged attachments such as plows, augers, buckets, backhoes, mulchers and many other implements require proper hydraulic flow whether in a standard or high flow machine.

Your Cat quick coupler must match the applicable hydraulic flow required of the attached implement. Standard flow hydraulic systems vary from utilizing 8 to 23 gallons per minute depending on the equipment and will power most attachments. Most skid steer equipment comes equipped with a standard flow hydraulic system.

A high flow hydraulic system ranges from 20 to 45 gallons per minute and is typically an added option. High flow hydraulics are available in two types, single and dual stage. Single stage high flow hydraulics use the same lines and hydraulic quick couplers as standard flow, while dual stage high flow hydraulics use separate lines and a completely different set of quick couplers on the outside of the machine.

How Does My Caterpillar Hydraulic Coupler System Work?

Caterpillar hydraulic quick couplers connect attachments to the skid steer machine’s hydraulic system, to power motorized attachments from within the cab. The quality of your Cat hydraulic quick coupler will make a world of difference in your machine operation and performance. The hydraulic system including quick couplers takes a beating on these rugged machines yet must maintain leak free, fluid and pressure control.

Looking for Caterpillar quick coupler cross reference items will yield several compatible couplings which although compatible, may not provide the best performance. Older skid steer machines and the Cat mini excavators may require adaptors to accommodate the quick couplings. Prior to 1996, most skid steer machines utilized Pioneer style quick couplers, which are also found in older tractors. Pioneer style of couplers are easy to distinguish from the newer, flat face quick coupler design. Pioneer couplers will have a nipple protruding from the male end and the female coupler will have a ring with ball bearings around the opening.

Different makes and models of skid steer equipment will have varying hydraulic quick connect designs. Whether your skid steer hydraulic system is standard flow, single or dual stage high flow, selecting the right Caterpillar hydraulic quick coupler is key to achieving fail safe connections.

Select High Performance Hydraulic Quick Couplers

A hydraulic quick coupler specialist should be able to provide you with the best hydraulic quick couplers for your skid steer machine, based upon your application needs. Skid steer quick couplers by Stucchi are recognized as the choice of professionals for rugged durability. Stucchi offers unique hydraulic solutions for skid steer equipment with a wide selection of quick couplers proven in demanding applications.

Our skid steer solutions include quick couplers which relieve pressure prior to quick connect or disconnect. This prevents the common problem of not being able to hook up your couplers no matter how much force you use when attempting to connect by hand. This also provides a safer environment for workers as well as leak free environmental protection.

Skid steer hydraulic quick couplers include the convenient Saturn Block, which is a direct field replacement for many pressurized connection systems and is ISO 16028 interchangeable. Additional skid steer hydraulic couplers include our flat face series which avoids fluid loss during quick connect and disconnect and threaded flat face, heavy duty and locking couplers failsafe connection solutions.

Hydraulic solutions by Stucchi keep your equipment on the road, in the field and hard at work. Prevent unplanned shutdowns and meet productivity goals with proven skid steer hydraulic solutions.

Stucchi is recognized worldwide as a leading global supplier of hydraulic quick couplers for virtually any application. Our experienced technical team provides process analysis with hydraulic solutions designed to improve your equipment performance and overall business operations. Contact us to learn more about our specialty and custom designed hydraulic solutions to meet your skid steer or Caterpillar hydraulic quick coupler needs.