Improve Safety with High Pressure Hydraulic Fittings

high pressure hydraulic fittings
Oil & Gas

Industrial processes which utilize hydraulic lines and connections under pressure such as those in the oil and gas industry require reliable high pressure hydraulic fittings to prevent leakage of hydraulic fluids.  Preventing leaks is especially important in pressurized applications where the safety of workers and operators depends upon leak free connections. It is vitally important to assure safe and easy connections in hydraulic applications under high pressure at or above 10,000 psi.

Stucchi Delivers Reliable High Pressure Hydraulic Fittings

Stucchi is recognized as a leading provider of reliable quick connect solutions, with high pressure hydraulic fittings which deliver reliable and leak free performance.  Stucchi offers connection solutions which improve efficiency, increase productivity and eliminate environmental issues to allow companies to meet their objectives. We partner with our customers to address their immediate concerns, analyzing any areas of vulnerability to assist in meeting their goals with ongoing success.  

When a customer was having trouble with their flat faced couplers leaking, we conducted a thorough analysis of their process to determine how their couplers were being used and how they were interfacing with the entire process.  It was quickly apparent that the current leaking coupler situation created a major safety concern with exposure to stored and trapped energy. This company was faced with the challenge of eliminating hydraulic fluid leaks impacting the environment and preventing potential workplace accidents including lockout/tagout incidents.  

Stucchi’s Solution with Hydraulic Quick Couplers Under Pressure

After careful analysis and thorough evaluation of the operation, our experienced engineering team was able to determine the best type of hydraulic fitting to provide safe and leak-free connections under pressure.  Our VEP series of threaded flat faced couplings offers simple connections which allow for safe connection and disconnection with leak-free performance.  Our VEP line features patented internal valves which allow for safe quick connect solutions in highly pressurized applications while avoiding loss of hydraulic fluid.

With input from Stucchi’s engineering team, our high pressure hydraulic fittings achieved no leak performance reducing any environmental impact to zero and eliminated reportable workplace injuries and incidents.

Threaded Flat Face Couplings Deliver Maximum Performance

Our series of threaded flat face couplings feature the VEP series which includes:

  • VEP – a popular choice for quick connect applications which are subjected to high pressure impulses or circuits where trapped or residual pressure exists in a line.  Our thread-to-connect engineering design eliminates brinelling and premature wear and tear. With our patented internal valve, you can safely and quickly connect/disconnect in high residual pressure applications while the flat face design prevents fluid loss and contamination.  Our yellow O-ring provides visual aid for simple, easy to work with connection solutions.
  • VEPHD – this heavy duty version of our VEP coupler offers the same high performance in pressurized connections with heavy duty, upgraded material. The VEPHD provides leak free connections to applications with trapped or residual pressure in a line with a higher grade of steel and QPQ plating to increase long lasting performance.
  • VEPHDLwith the same durability as the heavy duty VEP, this locking flat face coupling offers failsafe connection solutions in demanding hydraulic applications. The female locking version is interchangeable with all standard VEPHD thread-to-connect flat face couplers.
  • VPthis flat face coupler provides the ability to safely connect/disconnect in high pressure applications with an auto locking sleeve.  

Stucchi offers high pressure hydraulic fittings and coupling solutions designed for pressurized applications at or above 10,000 psi working pressure.  Our hardened steel and thread to connect design offers high burst pressure in our patented, high pressure couplings. We provide hydraulic quick couplers under pressure which include:

  • IVHP this thread to connect coupler series provides higher burst pressure than comparable models featuring hardened steel and nitrile seals.
  • AHPthis high pressure hydraulic flat face coupler features a rotating sleeve system that automatically rotates when connected and engages a safety lock. This patented safety system prevents accidental disconnection with alignment of the locking pin and release notch necessary to disconnect.

Stucchi provides these hydraulic connection solutions to many industries worldwide with a wide selection of couplings, fittings and accessories.  Our high pressure hydraulic couplers are found in the oil and gas industry, construction, mobile equipment and many other industrial applications.  Our quick couplings are engineered with the highest of quality components to meet demanding applications with consistent reliability.

You can count on our connection solutions to deliver leak free performance, improving the safety of many applications including those operating with elevated pressure. When faced with challenging configurations or failures in your current connect equipment, we provide custom designed connection solutions from experienced engineers.

Stucchi delivers reliable quick connect solutions which improve the productivity and safety of many applications across critical and demanding applications.  We provide durable connection components you can count on in the field for leak free performance. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn more about our custom solutions with high pressure hydraulic fittings.