High Pressure Quick Couplings and Hydraulic Solutions

High pressure quick couplinghigh pressure quick couplingss provide a simple and safe method of adding an attachment to a machine or system.  Traditional quick couplings are designed so that they may be difficult to work with under pressure. Stucchi offers hydraulic solutions with several options of couplers that can be used for quick connect or disconnect applications where residual or trapped pressure exists in a line.

We offer a full line of products fit for coupling under pressure, providing convenience with simple and quick connections and most importantly, safety when working on equipment or machines where pressure exists.  You will not need to improvise with a hammer and screwdriver, which pose a real danger risk, to vent residual or trapped pressure from your quick coupling.

Quick Connect Hydraulic Solutions from Stucchi

Stucchi provides hydraulic solutions with durable and reliable high pressure quick couplings that perform under pressure with assurances of leak free connections for safe and reliable processes.  Our connectors under pressure provide leak-free connections that will not leak under pressure or spill out any fluid. Our quick disconnect coupler is ideal in many applications including construction equipment such as snow plows, trucks that use spinners or spreaders, skid steers and a wide variety of construction machinery.

Our connectors under pressure include the following:

  • AHP – this series of high pressure flat face couplers offer highly effective yet simple connection solutions with a patented safety system which prevents accidental disconnection.  The patented sleeve system rotates automatically when connected to engage the safety lock, making this an ideal solution for leak free connections under pressure. The sleeve must be turned to align with the release notch and the locking pin to disconnect.
  • IVHP This series of our thread to connect high pressure couplings feature hardened steel and nitrile seals, providing increased burst pressure over comparable models.  

These quick connect solutions solve the problem of existing pressure in a line when connecting or disconnecting attachments to equipment.  You can safely connect or disconnect up to 10,000 psi with assurances of leak free connections, no spillage and safety for workers. Our flat face coupling design eliminates spills and prevents loss of fluid during connections or disconnections, which is ideal in any environment where there are concerns for contamination and zero leakage is a top priority.  Our quick couplings under pressure are also easy to clean and maintain.

Stucchi Delivers Proven Hydraulic Solutions

Stucchi is recognized as a leader in hydraulic solutions, delivering first to market quick couplings which provide leak-free, reliable connections in a wide variety of applications. We offer more than 60 years of experience in innovative product development with proactive hydraulic solutions.  Stucchi partners with our customers to develop quick connect solutions specific to your needs with advanced technology and high quality components.

We offer custom designed solutions when faced with challenging configurations or non-standard applications.  Our experienced engineers posses vast in-depth knowledge in providing reliable connect and disconnect solutions for any application.  We deliver hydraulic solutions to many industrial applications including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Industrial Applications
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Construction

We deliver high pressure quick couplings with proven hydraulic solutions to these and many other industrial applications.  When you need replacement couplers, contact Stucchi for improved connectivity and solutions if experiencing any leakage or issues with your current connections.  Our vast resources, in-depth knowledge and decades of experience contribute to providing the best connection solutions available on the market today.

Stucchi is dedicated to providing quick and efficient connect and disconnect couplings which improve your operation.  We offer detailed analysis of your process to assist in providing improved efficiency, leak free connections with elimination of downtime due to leaks or spillage.  We provide short term and long term return on investment with a wide selection of standard components available in:

  • Flat faced couplers
  • Threaded flat face couplers
  • Multi-coupling plates
  • Poppet interchange couplers
  • Threaded poppet couplers
  • High pressure couplers
  • Check valves
  • Specialty couplings
  • Accessories

Stucchi provides proven hydraulic solutions with a wide selection of quality built couplings, designed for durability and reliability.  Our experienced engineers offer custom designed coupling solutions to meet specific requirements for your connection needs no matter the industry or application.  For the widest selection of quick couplers and connection solutions, you can have confidence in Stucchi’s decades of experience and high satisfaction rate. We are dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of your application with quick connect solutions, keeping your jobs on schedule with quick change connectors which eliminate downtime due to leakage.

Stucchi is recognized as a leading global supplier of reliable quick connect hydraulic solutions for a multitude of industries.  We offer a vast line of quick connect products and provide custom solutions to meet your unique specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our hydraulic solutions with durable and reliable high pressure quick couplings.