Application Insights – Achieve Safety & Productivity in Steel Mills

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Watch this video to see how Stucchi’s hydraulic solutions help steel mills to achieve safety and productivity throughout the entire steel manufacturing process.


quick couplers for steel millHydraulic fluid power is prolific in a steel mill, with any plant using hundreds of hydraulic power units, which require hydraulic quick couplings designed to withstand intense heat and pressure. Mono and multi-couplings support the slide gate on a ladle, casting segments, water supply lines, rolling motors, and other steel manufacturing applications.

Stucchi’s quick couplings and multi-coupling plates support the quick and safe connection of hydraulic, pneumatic, and water lines. Learn more about our hydraulic solutions for the steel industry, such as:

  • DP and GR multi-coupling pates – support quick connect and disconnect of multiple lines simultaneously without the risk of cross-matching lines
  • VEP threaded flat face quick couplers – quick and easy connect of large size hydraulic lines with heavy-duty, thread to connect reliable connection
  • A Series flat face quick couplers – assure full and leak-free connection

Watch the video and visit our Steel Industry page to see more products designed for the steel industry which improve safety, reduce injuries and damage from accidents and reduce costs incurred from pour-off.