Application Insights – Improve Mold Changeover Time in Injection Molding

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Watch this video to learn the many benefits of Stucchi’s quick coupler products and quick connect solutions for the Injection Molding industry.

Stucchi offers solutions to the injection molding industry, which improve mold changeover time and help molders achieve Single Minute Exchange of Dies or SMED. The time it takes to change molds between production runs and run good parts are key performance indicators for molders.

EXO GRE and GR plate mounting 2Stucchi quick connect solutions include multi-coupling plates that connect and disconnect multiple media, including hydraulic, oil, air, and water cooling lines, simultaneously, with one simple movement.

Our IRBO and IRBOV quick couplers provide reliable, leak-free connections for water and steam with materials that ensure longer product life.

Watch the video to learn more about the many benefits Stucchi quick connect solutions provide to injection molders which include:

  • Achieve SMED with quick and leak-free connections
  • Drastically improve mold changeover time and prevent cross-matching of lines
  • Improve productivity, reduce unplanned downtime
  • Enjoy longer product life with quick-connect materials designed for heating and cooling mediums

These benefits improve a molder’s bottom line with increased efficiency, safety, and ergonomics for process technicians and ensure a quality molding process with stable cooling temperatures.

Watch the video to learn more and download our FREE Guide on Injection Molding Process Improvements with Quick Connect Solutions.