Application Insights – Improve Die Changeover Time in Die Casting

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Watch this video to learn the quick coupler products Stucchi offers to the Die Casting industry, proven to improve die changeover time.

One of the greatest goals in the die casting industry is to achieve SMED, Single Minute Exchange of Dies, to switch dies between production runs and maintenance processes as quickly and safely as possible. This entails disconnecting heating, cooling, and sometimes hydraulic lines from the previous die, removing that die from the press, setting in the new die, and re-hooking up all the lines to start running production.

Die Casting Die 2Depending on part size and complexity, the number of lines to connect to the die can vary anywhere from 2 to over 100 lines per die set. The biggest indicator for a successful die change is the time it takes to change over the die and start to produce good and usable parts for the next production run.

Serious consequences can occur if lines are hooked up incorrectly, which include significant costs in the form of lost productivity and scrap.

Learn the many benefits of Stucchi’s die casting solutions to help achieve die changeover goals, including the DP and GR multiplate, VEP series, and FIRG-Q series. Stucchi’s quick coupler products for the diecasting industry provide many benefits, including:

• Helps achieve SMED initiatives by quick and leak-free connections
• Multiplate series allows for many connections to be made in one simple motion
• Prevents cross-matching of lines, saving unplanned down time to troubleshoot.
• Longer product life with materials chosen to work with heating/cooling mediums

View our Die Casting industry product solutions and contact a Stucchi representative to learn how to improve your die changeover process.