Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Solutions for Conversions

hydraulic quick disconnectContractors and operators of hydraulic equipment are always searching for the best hydraulic quick disconnect couplings which provide safety and long lasting performance. Hydraulic couplers must provide reliable, leak free performance in machinery and equipment which may be exposed to harsh environmental conditions or extreme wear and tear in the course of construction, drilling or mining operations. Quick connect couplers must be reliable for optimum machinery performance and to eliminate environmental impact with leaking fluids.

When replacing legacy couplers or refurbishing quick disconnect couplings throughout a fleet of equipment, it is important to make sure your replacement couplings improve your application efficiency. Durable hydraulic quick connect and disconnect couplings improve efficiency in reduced man time and labor hours required for disconnect operations. Hydraulic quick connect replacement couplers must improve efficiency and performance by providing long lasting, reliable hydraulic quick disconnect solutions.

Stucchi Delivers Leak Free Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Couplers

Stucchi is synonymous with leak free coupling solutions, recognized worldwide for providing hydraulic and pneumatic quick connect and disconnect couplings which outperform comparable couplers. With nearly 60 years in business, Stucchi offers in-depth knowledge of designing, engineering and fabricating high performance quick couplers which enhance safety and efficiency with leak-free performance. When asked by a current customer to evaluate their conversion process for improvement, we were happy to provide our skilled analysis of their process.

After careful evaluation, we were able to determine the best hydraulic coupling solution to provide a smooth conversion process with noticeable improvements. Our threaded flat face couplings are proven to enhance quick disconnect applications with faster, more efficient changeovers. We provided an in-depth analysis and offered proven-solutions with our superior threaded couplings recognized for leak-free connections and quick disconnect processes.

Our quick coupling solutions transitioned their process from hard plumbed lines connected with JIC hose ends to multi-coupling plates for a drastic improvement to efficiency. Stucchi’s coupling solutions provided this paper mill client with drastic savings in time and labor, saving an estimated 60 to 70 hours per month in labor hours with our streamlined, multi-plate conversion process.

Threaded Couplings for Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Solutions

Stucchi’s hydraulic quick disconnect solutions include a full line of threaded flat face couplers which deliver hydraulic connection solutions in pressurized applications with an effective and durable design. Threaded couplers with locking mechanisms and heavy duty steel grade provide long lasting performance with leak-free connections and include the following:

  • VP – Stucchi’s VP threaded flat face coupling is a popular selection for hydraulic line applications in a highly pressurized line. The VP provides an auto locking sleeve to prevent accidental disconnection for added safety and protection in applications with high pressure impulses or residual pressure. The VP series is available in ¼” through 1 ½” sizes with psi residual pressure of 25 Mpa/3625 and working pressure at 40 to 60 Mpa/5800-8700 psi. Positive secondary retention is provided with an auto-locking sleeve.
  • VEP – Popular in applications where hydraulic circuits are subjected to residual or trapped pressure or highly pressurized impulses. Thread to connect engineering eliminates premature wear, tear and brinelling. The VEP series is available in sizes ranging from ¼” through 2” and is interchangeable with VEPHD and VEPHDL. Connect and quick disconnect with confidence in pressurized applications with a residual pressure of 25MPa/3625 and working pressure of 35 to 60 MPa/5075-8700 psi.
  • VEPHD – The VEP in a heavy duty version with upgraded material, larger mating areas and the yellow O-ring. This higher steel grade is ideal in applications where high pressure impulses and residual or trapped pressure exist in a line. Available sizes range from ¾” to 1 ½” and quick disconnect residual pressure up to 25 MPa/3625 and working pressure of 40 to 55 MPa/5800-7975 psi.
  • VEPHDL – For a completely failsafe connection in extremely demanding hydraulic quick connect applications, the VEPHDL provides an interchangeable locking female coupler for connections you can count on. This heavy duty, locking quick coupling delivers versatility with foolproof connections. The VEPHDL comes in sizes ranging from 1” through 1 ½” and offers reliability under residual pressure up to 25 MPa/3625 and 40 to 50 MPa/5800-7975 psi working pressure.

Stucchi delivers reliable and durable hydraulic quick couplings with a wide selection of flat face couplers, threaded flat face couplers, poppet interchange, multi-coupling plates, couplers for high pressure applications and custom designed connection solutions. We partner with you to analyze your application and quick coupling needs to provide the most optimum coupler for your application. You can have confidence in our nearly 60 years in business and a multitude of worldwide hydraulic connection solutions.

Stucchi offers a wide selection of reliable and durable hydraulic quick couplers for long lasting, leak-free performance. Our skilled design engineers analyze your application to provide custom engineered connection solutions which improve safety and efficiency. Contact us to learn more about our hydraulic quick disconnect solutions.