Threaded Flat Face Hydraulic Couplings Improve Safety

threaded couplingMany industries have a need for quick connect solutions that are safe and durable, especially in applications that are subjected to impulses of high pressure or where residual pressure exists or is trapped in a line. Demanding industrial applications with hydraulic circuits benefit from threaded high-pressure hydraulic couplings, which provide a safer environment and eliminate the premature wearing of your coupling.

Critical industrial applications utilizing excavators, equipment requiring junction points, and heavy construction equipment require reliable hydraulic quick connection solutions.

Industrial Use of Threaded Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Couplings

Threaded, flat-face hydraulic couplings should be used in many industries and applications to provide safety under pressure with long-lasting, leak-free performance. Stucchi’s threaded couplers allow for quick connect and disconnect with zero fluid spillage in many quick-release applications such as:

  • Mobile – working on the road with heavy equipment rigs requires durable, heavy-duty couplings that can withstand the wear and tear of constant heavy movement along with exposure to the outer elements such as dirt, mud, rain, and snow. Maintaining your pace with leak-free connections requires rugged and durable couplers and multi-coupling plates. Threaded couplings are the obvious choice in these applications, such as construction, demolition, transportation, maintenance, waste, or snow removal.
  • Oil and Gas – the oil and gas industry is driven by relentless productivity goals and rigorous demands when extracting natural gas or drilling for oil. Threaded couplings help to keep employees safe in high-pressure situations while maintaining productivity with quick connect solutions. Be sure to use durable and reliable threaded couplings to prevent disastrous results and reach production goals.
  • Agricultural – working the land requires rugged and durable equipment that must withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, dirt, and debris which all contribute to wear and tear on equipment. Frequently installing equipment attachments creates the potential for fluid leaks. Threaded couplers protect the environment and your crop from fluid leaks with reliable and durable leak-free connections while withstanding the harsh elements.
  • Industrial – Manufacturing processes often run around the clock to meet production goals, with no time to waste on equipment downtime. OEMs and manufacturers in many industries, including automotive and steel production, meet their demands with leak-free quick connect threaded couplers and multi-coupling plates.

All of these industrial applications require reliable, safe, and durable quick connect and disconnect solutions. Stucchi’s threaded flat-face quick-release couplings improve safety in these applications and many others with easy connection under pressure and no fluid spillage.

Stucchi Offers Reliable, Durable, and Leak-Free Threaded Couplings

Stucchi provides connection solutions to a multitude of industries worldwide with safe, reliable, and durable couplings and multi-coupling plates. Threaded couplings from Stucchi are designed to eliminate premature brinelling and wear. We provide couplings for quick-release applications used in heavy machinery and equipment and high-pressure circuits. Our threaded flat-face coupling products include:

VEP – includes a patented internal valve allowing quick connect and disconnect in lines with high residual pressure, designed with a flat face to avoid hydraulic fluid loss and circuit contamination. The VEP is a popular choice for applications with hydraulic circuits which are subjected to high-pressure impulses or where trapped or residual pressure exists in a line.
VEPHD – the heavy-duty version of the VEP, the VEPHD provides the same features with an upgraded, more durable material, larger mating space, and visual ID enhanced with a yellow O-ring. Also popular in applications experiencing residual or trapped pressure with added durability for an increased life cycle.
VEPHDL – all the benefits of the VEPHD in a locking coupler with a visual indicator for failsafe connection. Features the female locking version, which is interchangeable with the VEPHD standard series for versatility.
VP – this auto-locking flat face coupler is a popular choice in high-pressure applications, providing positive secondary retention.

Stucchi offers these threaded flat-face hydraulic couplings along with a wide selection of couplers and multi-coupling plates for any application.

Stucchi Offers Custom Designed Coupling Solutions

When faced with challenging specifications, you can count on Stucchi to provide a safe, durable, and reliable hydraulic quick connect solution. Our wide array of couplers, coupling plates, adapters, and auxiliary kits provide solutions to almost any quick connect application, with custom-designed options available from our experienced hydraulic specialists. Stucchi employs skilled design engineers with in-depth knowledge and vast experience meeting demanding connection requirements in critical applications.

You can have confidence in Stucchi’s more than 60 years in business, providing hydraulic quick connect solutions to critical applications around the globe. With vast resources in Europe and the U.S., we provide a quick response with on-time delivery to meet and exceed customer expectations. Stucchi is committed to continual improvement through research and development, bringing first-to-market connection solutions to many industries. Learn more about how our threaded flat-face quick couplers improve safety in your application.

Stucchi is a leading global supplier of quick connect and disconnect solutions, enhancing the productivity and safety in a multitude of industries. We design, engineer and fabricate coupling solutions you can rely on in critical, demanding applications. Contact us to learn more about our wide selection of couplers including the threaded flat-face couplers that improve safety in many applications.