Hydraulic Disconnect Fittings for Equipment Conversions

hydraulic disconnect fittingsIndustrial manufacturing operations require the occasional overhaul and replacement of hydraulic disconnect fittings on machinery and equipment. Hydraulic quick couplers must provide a quick and safe method of connecting and disconnecting hydraulic lines with leak free performance. This is true of any industrial application, with harsh environmental elements and high pressure applications putting even more demand on hydraulic quick couplers.

It is important to make sure that your quick couplings promote efficient maintenance on machinery and equipment, while eliminating unplanned downtime. Improving your operational efficiency and safety should be the goal when replacing legacy couplers. Choosing the right hydraulic quick couplers for your industrial application can provide significant improvements.

Choose the Right Hydraulic Disconnect Fittings for Improved Performance

Choosing the right hydraulic disconnect fittings will ensure that your quick connect and disconnect processes improve productivity and profitability. Reliable hydraulic fittings designed to your specifications improve productivity with quick changeovers and reduced equipment downtime. Incorporating multi-coupling plates can significantly improve productivity and safety when connecting or disconnecting multiple or large diameter hoses.

Improved performance with reduced man-hours increases efficiency, safety and profitability. When evaluating your quick coupling process for maximum performance, consult with experienced hydraulic quick connect fittings suppliers who provide process analysis, custom design and engineering services. Process analysis can reveal potential issues with high pressure applications where high performance threaded couplings may provide a more reliable connection.

Stucchi Offers Process Analysis for Hydraulic Disconnect Fittings

Stucchi is an experienced hydraulic disconnect fittings supplier with more than 60 years in business designing, engineering and manufacturing quick connect solutions. We offer process analysis from skilled engineers who understand hydraulic quick connect challenges and have experience with developing quick connect solutions. Stucchi was asked to provide process analysis by a current customer to improve their conversion process with efficient, leak-free connections.

Hydraulic Quick Coupler Conversion Case Study

Stucchi’s case study analysis revealed an opportunity for improvement with threaded hydraulic couplings providing many benefits. Our engineers facilitated a smooth conversion process with threaded flat face couplers which improved their quick connect changeovers for improved efficiency requiring less man-hours. We transitioned the process from hard plumbed lines with JIC hose connections to utilize multi-coupling plates for significant improvements in efficient quick connect operations.

Multi-coupling plates allow for the simultaneous connection or disconnection of multiple lines with one single, simple movement. Our hydraulic disconnect fittings saved this client an estimated 60 man hours per month. Leak free connections which prevent contamination to equipment, hydraulic circuits and the environment were achieved with superior threaded flat face couplers.

Threaded Hydraulic Disconnect Fittings

Threaded hydraulic disconnect fittings provide connection solutions to high-pressure applications with durable design specifications. Threaded couplers designed with heavy duty steel grade and locking mechanisms deliver long-lasting, reliable performance. Our product line of threaded couplers which offer proven quick connect solutions include:

VP – this threaded flat face coupler is a popular choice for pressurized hydraulic applications. An auto locking sleeve prevents unwanted disconnection, providing added protection and processes with residual pressure for high pressure impulses. Sizes range from a ¼” through 1 ½”, with a working pressure of 40 – 60 MPa/5800-8700 psi, and residual pressure of 25 MPa/3625 psi.

VEP – the VEP threaded hydraulic disconnect fitting eliminates from premature wear and tear. VEP threaded couplings range in size from ¼” to 2” with a working pressure of 35 to 60 MPa/5075-8700 psi and residual pressure of 25MPa/3625 psi to provide reliable connection solutions and hydraulic circuits were trapped or residual pressure exists.

VEPHD – a larger mating area and upgraded material providing a heavy duty version of the VEP threaded coupler. A higher grade of steel provides reliable connection where trapped or residual pressure exists in a line. VEPHD couplers provide a working pressure of 40 to 55 MPa/5800-7975 psi, residual pressure of 25 MPa/3625 psi and are available in sizes from ¾” to 1 ½”.

VEPHDL – this locking threaded coupling prevents unwanted, accidental disconnection with failsafe, connections you can rely on. Offering a working pressure of 50 MPa/5800-7975 psi with residual pressure up to 25 MPa/3625 psi and available in size from 1” to 1 ½”, the VEPHDL provides versatility and reliability with leak-free, fool proof connections.

Stucchi is synonymous for delivering hydraulic disconnect fitting solutions to a multitude of industrial applications. We offer a wide selection of hydraulic quick couplers found in many applications such as:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Mobile equipment
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Construction

Stucchi improves quick connect and disconnect applications to these industrial operations in many others.

Our product line includes:

  • Flat face couplers
  • Threaded flat face couplers
  • Poppet Interchange couplers
  • Threaded poppet interchange couplers
  • High pressure couplers
  • Check valves and accessories
  • Replacement couplers
  • Custom designed coupling solutions

Stucchi offers a wide selection of durable and reliable hydraulic quick couplers for leak-free, long lasting performance. Our experienced design engineers provide process analysis to develop custom engineered connection solutions which improve efficiency and safety. Contact us to learn more about our hydraulic disconnect fittings and custom quick coupler solutions.