Achieve SMED Goals with Multi-Hydraulic Line Coupler Plates

Improve SMED with hydraulic line couplersManufacturers and especially automotive suppliers are continually looking for ways to improve their productivity with hydraulic line couplers while maintaining quality processes. Quick changeovers are one way to improve cycle times to meet production requirements. Suppliers implementing single minute exchange of dies, SMED, processes aim to switch dies between production runs as quickly as possible to produce parts faster.

Shaving just seconds off of cycle times can reap big benefits to the bottom line for high volume, continual production runs.  Shaving seconds or minutes off of changeovers delivers the same benefits with getting the next job set up to run quickly and efficiently. Quick connect and disconnect couplings are an important part of performing changeovers with speed, safety and accuracy.  

Stucchi Provides Hydraulic Line Coupler Process Analysis

Stucchi offers process analysis of manufacturing applications involving hydraulic adapters and connectors to provide connection solutions which maximize productivity.   One of our valued customers, a tier 2 automotive supplier, was struggling to achieve their goals with SMED. They wanted to improve their changeover time to increase productivity when switching from one job to another.  

We performed detailed process analysis for their operation and identified the areas of improvement required to meet their goals.  We determined that multi-coupling plates would greatly improve their changeover time and would result in higher productivity. We recommended they switch from their single push-to-connect manual couplings to multi-coupling plates with their hydraulic lines and water cooling lines.  

This change allowed them to meet their SMED goals to quickly and easily switch tooling between production runs.  Multi-coupling plates also improved their processes for a safer environment with quicker and easier clean up.

Stucchi Offers Quick Coupling Multi-Plate Solutions

Multi-plate quick couplings solved this manufacturers problem and helped to increase their productivity by reducing changeover time of dies by up to minutes.  This is a drastic improvement in productivity which also provides a safer environment.  Hydraulic line couplers and multi-coupling plates from Stucchi allow for error-frees connections by preventing the inversion of circuits.  Stucchi offers a wide selection of quick coupling multi-plate connections which allow for the connection and disconnection of multiple hydraulic lines in one single motion.

Multi-plate quick couplings by Stucchi are engineered and fabricated for long lasting durability, error-free and leak-free connections and include the following:

  • DP – allows for the simultaneous coupling and uncoupling of two to four electrical and/or hydraulic lines with one simple, single movement.  Additional options support low voltage requirements with an electrical connector.
  • GR – simultaneously connect and disconnect up to ten electrical/hydraulic lines with one simple movement which requires very little force.  
  • GRE – reduce downtime on production machines involving water, oil, electrical or pneumatic circuits.  The superior guidance pin system eliminates connection errors as the GRE connects in only one position, preventing inversion errors.  
  • SV2 PLATE – couple and uncouple two hydraulic lines with a large diameter with a simple, single movement which requires minimal force.  Eliminate line crossing and provide a safe environment with the auto-locking system which provides secondary retention.
  • BM3 – provides simultaneous coupling and uncoupling of two large diameter hydraulic lines with one simple movement and very little force.  Auto locking system provides assurances that lines are safely connected.
  • ONE POSITION PLATES – provides simple coupling and uncoupling of a single large diameter hydraulic line with one easy movement.  Ensure your circuits are fully connected and reduce downtime with the auto-locking system.
    • Our FAP & FAPZ replacement couplers are available as spare part replacement items. Contact us to learn more about these products.


Stucchi offers these and many other connection solutions for use in many applications across a wide variety of industries.  We provide reliable, durable and versatile coupling solutions with flat faced couplers, threaded flat-face couplers, couplings under high pressure such as 10,000 psi, threaded poppet couplers, specialty couplers and custom designed coupling solutions.

Stucchi Offers Custom Designed Coupling Solutions

Stucchi offer custom designed coupling solutions from skilled and experienced technicians.  We have nearly 60 years in business developing, designing and engineering connection solutions you can rely upon.  We help maintain leak-free connections in many industrial applications including mobile equipment, construction, oil and gas extraction and agricultural equipment.

When you are faced with challenging configurations or wish to improve your process, productivity or safety, call upon Stucchi to analyze your process and provide proven connection solutions to meet your goals.

Stucchi is recognized as a leading global supplier of quick couplers for use in a multitude of applications across many industries.  We provide leak-free connections you can count on, with custom designed solutions available along with detailed analysis of your process.  Contact us today to learn more about our hydraulic line coupler and multi-coupling plate solutions which increase productivity.