Quick Coupler Solutions

Stucchi offers custom designed quick coupler solutions from an experienced team of hydraulic quick coupler specialists. We analyze your process and offer quick connect solutions which improve efficiency, productivity and safety.

Proven Quick Coupler Solutions

Quick CouplerStucchi is recognized nationally and internationally for providing quick coupler solutions, with a wide selection of products and custom designed connection solutions. We design, engineer and develop hydraulic quick connect and quick disconnect products which improve your process for efficiency and safety. Our skilled engineers partner with you to determine the right quick coupler for the job, or to develop custom designed quick couplings based on your unique specifications.

Wide Selection of Hydraulic Couplers

Stucchi offers a wide selection of hydraulic quick couplers, such as flat face couplers proven for leak free performance and meeting ISO 16028 standards such as the A Premier and FIRG series. Our threaded flat face couplings such as the VEP series are available in heavy-duty and locking versions, proven in many applications to provide significant process improvement.

Multi-coupling plates offer quick connect solutions in applications which utilize multiple hydraulic lines, providing improvements to productivity and safety while minimizing equipment downtime. We offer a wide selection of poppet interchange, and threaded poppet interchange couplers which are available with many features such as carbon steel, brass, and stainless steel with Nitrile or Viton seals. Our poppet interchange couplers provide versatility with existing equipment interchangeability.

High pressure quick couplers perform with reliable connections in applications with a working pressure at or above 10,000 psi. Ensure the safety of your workforce while protecting the environment against leaking fluid during quick disconnect with high pressure quick couplers.
In addition to a wide selection of standard quick couplings, we provide check valves, accessories and specialty couplers. If one of our standard couplers is not the ideal choice for your non-standard configurations, we will develop custom hydraulic couplers which meet your requirements.

Custom Designed Quick Coupler

Our quick connect engineers are recognized for innovative, forward thinking problem solving ability with quick couplers designed to your unique specifications. You can simply upload a drawing to our technical help desk for custom development of quick couplers which improve your process. We are committed to delivering first to market, innovative solutions which deliver leak-free, reliable quick connect solutions across a broad range of industrial applications.

Stucchi is recognized as a leading global supplier of quick connect solutions with leak-free, reliable and durable hydraulic quick couplers found in a wide range of industrial applications worldwide. We partner with you to determine the best quick connect product or to design a custom quick connect solution. Contact us today to learn more about our standard or custom designed quick couplers.