Improve Hydraulic Performance in Coiled Tubing

coiled tubing

Coiled tubing is a process that uses a large, continuous small-diameter steel pipe and surface equipment to tap into live wells for oil extraction without using a larger oil rig for drilling. Hydraulics are at the heart of the coiled tubing process, powering coil tubing units, whether truck or trailer mounted, such as the reel and injector head.

Stucchi offers quick coupling hydraulic solutions to meet the needs of this demanding process with reliable, durable connections that improve efficiency and safety.

Hydraulics and Coiled Tubing Units

The technology behind the coiled tubing process was initially designed to work on wells and is the fastest growing segment for servicing and managing well intervention operations, including pressure pumping, milling, stimulation, fishing, and unloading. Hydraulic quick-release couplings promote the efficient connection and disconnection of various coiled tubing elements, including the power pack, injector head, coiled tubing, and tubing reel.

Coiled tubing provides the ability to pump chemicals through the continuous steel pipe in a self-contained, closed system rather than rely on gravity. This allows for the coiled tubing process to inject or circulate fluids that shatter tiny porous deposits to release oil that collects in a pool and then can be extracted from underground such as performed during the fracking process. Coiled tubing allows for servicing wells deep inside a well quickly and cost-effectively without shutting the well in. The length of the steel tubing can be more than 3 miles (5,000 m) long on one spool.

Maintaining reliability with the hydraulic system is critical in the coiled tubing process as crews must ensure that the piping is placed properly and strict safety measures are followed. A crane maneuvers the blowout preventer over the wellhead of active wells which are under extreme pressure. The injector head assembly is lowered onto the blowout preventer and is the heart of the coiled tubing application. The injector head is driven by hydraulics to raise or lower the tubing into the well.

Coiled Tubing Injector

A critical piece of equipment in the coiled tubing process is the coiled tubing injector, which delivers the surface drive force to drive in and retrieve the steel tubing in and out of wells. A downward thrust or upward pull on the tubing reaching a maximum of 40,000 to 60,000 pounds (18,150 to 27,215 kg) is typical of injector heads. Larger sizes of coiled tubing may utilize even larger injector head units.

Hydraulic Motors, Chains, and Gripper Blocks

The coiled tubing is gripped by the injector head between gripper blocks designed to fit the diameter, which are mounted on triplex chains and driven by hydraulic motors. The motors drive the chains, and the chains grip the tubing. Correct tension is maintained on the drive chains by hydraulic tensioning mechanisms that prevent the slippage or crushing of the tubing. Hydraulic pistons keep the gripper blocks pushed against the tubing.

The coiled tubing unit stays inside the well until various tasks are performed. When complete, the coiled steel pipe is retrieved and spooled back onto the truck. Pulling capacity depends upon the hydraulic pressure and whether the system is in low or high gear. Hydraulic drive motors contain brakes that are designed to hold the tubing if failure of hydraulics occurs.

Stucchi Hydraulic Solutions for Coiled Tubing Applications

Stucchi understands the demanding requirements of the coiled tubing process and provides hydraulic solutions with quick connect and quick release couplings and adapters that ensure efficient and safe operations. Our flat face quick couplings set the
ISO16028 industry standard and provide leak-free quick connect and release with no fluid spillage and connect easily under pressure.

Multi-coupling plates allow for the quick connection and disconnection of multiple lines at once, eliminating mismatched lines and significantly improving efficiency. Flat face quick couplings integrated with our multi-coupling plates provide solutions to the demanding coiled tubing industry, which often requires long work hours for operators. Eliminate unplanned downtime, and improve efficiency and safety in coiled tubing applications with Stucchi hydraulic solutions.

Stucchi provides hydraulic solutions to a broad range of industries and applications with vast market expertise. We offer more than 60 years of experience and a team of hydraulic specialists with expertise in troubleshooting and custom designed hydraulic systems and components. Contact us to learn more and to improve your coiled tubing process with reliable hydraulic fluid power.