If you are having trouble connecting your quick couplers on your machinery, mini-excavators, skid steer or plow equipment, it is most likely due to built-up pressure in the lines. This is a common problem for machinery operators as hydraulic pressure builds up inside the implement after disconnecting from the machine. There are quick connect solutions available with easy to connect high pressure quick release couplings.

high pressure quick release couplingLeak-Free High Pressure Quick Release Coupling

This built-up pressure in the hydraulic lines can make it extremely difficult if not impossible to connect your quick couplers without first releasing the residual pressure. This inefficiency can be frustrating and very time-consuming for contractors on a tight schedule. For public service vehicles like a fleet of plows servicing municipalities this delay can even hinder public safety.

Stucchi offers flat face hydraulic fittings that are designed specifically to connect under pressure, eliminating inefficient downtime and promoting a safer and cleaner quick connect process. Flat face hydraulic couplers designed to connect under pressure take the worry out of having to bleed off the pressure first and still connect and quick release without leaks.

Connecting leak-free hydraulic quick couplers under pressure improve worker safety by preventing operator exposure to hydraulic fluid and eliminating environmental contamination. Hydraulic fluid spills onto the ground pose a serious environmental hazard, requiring costly clean-up efforts.

Flat Face Hydraulic Couplers Connect Under Pressure

It is not always practical to relieve pressure prior to quick connect or quick release. Stucchi’s flat face hydraulic couplers designed to connect under pressure alleviate the burden bleeding off pressure before you’re able to connect your couplers. The flat face design prevents leakage upon quick release while minimizing air inclusion. Stucchi’s flat face quick coupler design set the ISO 16028 industry standard, with an internal valve system that eliminates leaks and contamination to the environment as well as prevents contamination back into the hydraulic circuit.

APM Series Flat Face Hydraulic Coupler

Stucchi’s APM Series allows connection to hydraulic lines under pressure with a flush face valve design that minimizes air inclusion and fluid loss. Check out this quick video on the APM Series to see how the double valve system releases pressure while the flat face design eliminates fluid leaks. The APM has improved operations in countless industries where downtime and fluid leaks are unacceptable.

The APM Series high pressure quick release coupling is designed to relieve pressure within itself and provides easy quick connect and leak-free quick release solutions. The APM Series improves many applications in mobile equipment, hydraulic tools, and any application where thermal expansion causes built-up pressure.

A-HD Series Flat Face Hydraulic Coupler

The A-HD Series of flat face couplings by Stucchi also address residual pressure in a circuit providing a solution to applications where thermal expansion creates pressure. The A-HD flat face hydraulic fittings easily connect by hand under pressure without leaking fluid into the environment or posing safety risks due to fluid leaks.

The internal valve system on the A-HD Series prevent leaks, protecting the environment and machinery operators. The A-HD Series of flat face couplers improves many applications where static pressure can get locked into the system such as mobile equipment and hydraulic attachment tools.

Stucchi leads the industry with providing leak-free, reliable and durable hydraulic quick coupling solutions. Our team of hydraulic specialists are dedicated to improving your process by improving efficient operations without unintended downtime. Contact us to learn how to increase your productivity and profitability with easy to connect high pressure quick release couplings.